Prakash (2079) Movie Trailer | Cold & Heart-hitting Story | Dinesh Raut | Pradeep Khadka | Deeya Maskey

In a corrupt country, shooting a star becomes a ridiculous idea. Prakash, a film by Dinesh Raut, is a genuine illustration of how aspirations are destroyed by dirty political affairs and corruption. The trailer for the film Prakash depicts the struggle of a visionary youngster who is pursuing his aspirations with all his heart, but political roadblocks and bribery makes him weak.

prakash movie trailer Pradeep Khadka

Being a son in Nepali society is a difficult task. You must battle for yourself, your family, your goals, and your relationships. But the road to masculinity becomes more difficult when your community, family, and even your friends criticize you when you talk about your aspirations.

Pradeep Khadka is shown in the Prakash trailer as a striving young man who aspires to be a government teacher. Without bribes, the route to the post is closed to those with pure honesty and skill. If he needs to pay unscrupulous people, he will abandon his aspirations and become a farmer.

Prakash Diya Maskey Movie

Prakash is directed by Dinesh Raut, written by Bikas Subedi, cinematography by Rajesh Shrestha, editing by Jeevan Thapa, and music by Subas Bhushal, Deepak Sharma, Tara Prakash Limbu, and Alice Karki. This film stars Pradeep Khadka, Deeya Maskey, Prakash Ghimire, Rajan Khatiwoda, Amjad Prawej, Ranu Yogi, and Dev Kumar Shrestha in major characters. You can enjoy Prakash in cinemas on 26 August 2022.

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