Prakash (2079) Teaser | Pradip Khadka | Diya Maskey

Prakash represents light, and the trailer shows the main characters searching for light in their lives. Getting work done in the country is more difficult than in the city, and despite all of the difficulties, the protagonist is unable to get the intended result. He wants to reform the community via education, but the bribery and corruption system has snuffed out his hopes.

Watch Prakash Movie Teaser:

Dinesh Raut’s film depicts the story of a young man’s endeavor to improve the country via the power of education. Bikas Subedi wrote the script for the film, which tells the story of the family of a lost warrior who took part in the Maoist conflict. In the video, Pradip Khadka and Diya Maskey play essential roles who are searching for the missing person of their family member. The Prakash film will be released on August 26, 2022.

prakash movie teaser


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