Prema (2023) Movie Trailer: A Complicated Love Story | Arun Chettri | Subeksha Khadka | Shristi Shrestha | Govind Singh Bhandari

Prema is a triangle romance drama about a guy’s romantic relationship with a traditional woman and a modern lady. Following the great success of Mahapurush, Arun Chettri is back on the big screen with his solo lead film, which also stars Subeksha Khadka and Shristi Shrestha.

prema movie subeksha khadka

Arun is seen looking for real love until he meets Subeksha and the two fall in love. As time passes, difficulties arise that jeopardize their love relationship. Their narrative becomes further darker when Subeksha’s parents arrange her marriage to an unknown man. When Arun receives this call, he ends the relationship and begins a new romantic chapter with Shristi.

prema movie cast

Prema is a typical love tale that the majority of young people experience. Govind Singh Bhandari wrote and directed the film. Amit Shrestha composed a nice background score for the film, as well as Sushant Gautam shares good songs. Subeksha Khadka, Arun Chhetri, Shristi Shrestha, Bimala K.C, Hiunbala Gautam, Puran Joshi, Sabin Bastola, Roshani Syanaboo, Prakash Basnet, Mahan Thapa, and Surendra Basel play pivotal roles in the film. Prema will be released in theaters on March 31, 2023.

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