Premganj (2079) Movie Trailer | Time Changes Everything | Benisha Hamal | Tej Giri | Sampada Baniya

The trailer for Premganj attempts to demonstrate a distinct flavor of love tales. Love what you want and what you got might put you in an unusual state of mind. Parichhed Sen, the writer/director, is striving to emphasize that life isn’t always effortless because everything changes over time.

premganj movie tej giri

The diagonal love story begins with a monologue by Surakshya Panta, who narrates the narrative of Maina and Raja, who are deeply in love but are unable to be together. Premganj stars Benisha Hamal, Tej Giri, and Sampada Baniya in pivotal parts, and it depicts triad romantic sentiments. The preview features wonderful poetry and annotations penned by Purushottam Dhungel, which set the tone for the entire film. The love drama will premiere on August 19, 2022.

Watch Premganj Trailer:


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