Rangeli (2024) Movie Review: Thrilling Gangster Flick

Rangeli is one of the best gangster movies ever produced in Nepal. Arjun Subedi, the writer and director, has offered Nepali fans a gripping action drama picture. We enjoyed it!

Rangeli Movie Story

Dayahang Rai (Vijay) and his friend had lived in Rangeli since they were children. Throughout his upbringing, he never had the peaceful and beautiful life he had expected. He and his family must overcome numerous challenges and adversity in order to pursue their life’s purpose. However, the crooked and rotten system always treats them unfairly and disrespectfully in return. As a result, he takes a criminal road to gain power and control over Rangeli. In his earlier criminal career, he was not in excellent shape to take over Rangeli. When he meets Bhagwan Dada (Arpan Thapa) and Junkiri (Miruna Magar), his career takes an exciting turn.

Rangeli Movie Performance

Dayahang Rai plays Vijay, a violent and rage-filled figure. The character Vijay seeks power so that he does not have to feel inferior in front of others. Since he was a child, he could not tolerate disrespect or inequality. Because his previous circumstances did not favor him, he chose the criminal way to obtain power and rule over his place, Rangeli. In the film, Dayahang Rai is portrayed as a rising gangster who values power above everything else. Daya’s character may appear low owing to fear early in his criminal career, but as the movie unfolds, his anger and courage ignite the screen. Dayahang did his best to portray the gangster look in the film. However, the fans want to see more of his darker character evolution in the film. Dayahang’s dialogue¬†and screen presence provide exhilarating and entertaining moments for the audience in the film. Audiences will also love Daya and Miruna’s romantic relationship, which has many twists and turns. Above all, Dayahang Rai’s efforts to portray a different persona in the film Rangeli are admirable.

rangeli movie review

Miruna Magar represents the character Junkiri. In the film Rangeli, she appears as Dayahang Rai’s love interest. Her chemistry with Dayahang is enjoyable to watch on the big screen. Miruna appears to be peaceful at first, but as the film develops, her character arc evolves into one of wrath and ferocity. When she enters the gangster world, her acting creates an exciting and distinct persona for the audience. Fans were tremendously shocked and happy when her genuine colors appeared on the screen. Miruna did her best in the film Rangeli, and we thoroughly appreciated it.

rangeli movie arpan thapa

Arpan Thapa plays the evil figure Bhagwan Dada, who governs the entire Rangeli. Arpan played the sinister character who wields authority by sowing terror in the public. In the country, Arpan is regarded as a supplier of illegal firearms, drugs, counterfeit currency, and other items through his criminal connections. Arpan’s character demonstrates bravery and ease in dealing with any situation. Bhagwan Dada is a well-constructed character by the makers, and Arpan Thapa portrays it well. Fans go crazy in the theater as they see Arpan Thapa’s power-packed performance. His discourse and conduct are so pure and striking on the big screen. Arpan Thapa gave an excellent performance in the film Rangeli.

rangeli movie prabin khatiwada

Prabin Khatiwada embodies the character Maan Bahadur Dhakal. He is portrayed as the fearless and true police officer in the department. He’d go to any length to resolve his cases. In his responsibility, he simply respects his own judgment and performs what he believes is right. His determination and courage slowed the rise of the mafia world. In his work, he just cares about two things: money and Junkiri, his love. Prabin has done an incredible job in the film, which is an exciting experience. His dialogue and plot lines make the film more interesting and engaging. Audiences will thoroughly love Prabin Khatiwada’s spectacular performance.

Direction & Story Telling

Arjun Subedi wrote and directed the movie Rangeli. Mr. Arjun delivered an exceptional gangster film to Nepalese audiences, complete with distinct plotlines and storytelling. The film’s screenplay and language serve as its backbone. As a filmmaker, Arjun Subedi’s goal is clear, and he makes no compromises in bringing the thrilling gangster picture to Nepali audiences. Sushan Prajapati’s cinematography and camera skills deserve praise. Mr. Sushan underlined the need to use creative camera sequences to enhance the storyline in the film Rangeli. The background score, composed by Rikesh Gurung Keys, adds to the excitement of the film, particularly during Arpan Thapa’s appearance on screen. The film Rangeli excels in the theater due to its excellent acting and intriguing storyline.

Movie Verdict

Rangeli is one of the year’s top gangster films, especially among Nepalese moviegoers. The intense action sequences, drama, outstanding performances, and solid writing keep viewers on the edge of their seats. If you appreciate gangster or crime thriller films, Rangeli is a good choice for you. You’ll enjoy the film to its utmost.


Rangeli Movie Rating:⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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