Seto Surya (2016) Movie Review: Shines Brightly

Seto Surya movie welcomes you on an expedition with Chanda (Dayahang Rai) to Nepaltar, his remote mountain community. When he arrives at the village, he discovers the death of his father, former mayor Chitra (Prakash Ghimire). The film features outstanding performances and cinematography.

seto surya movie review

Seto Surya Movie Story:

Chanda (Dayahang Rai) comes to his mountain hamlet after many years to visit his family and people. On the roadway, he encounters Badri (Amrit Pariyar), a street orphan who wants to help as a porter. Chandra suggests Badri to return to his village rather than accompany him, but he does not have anybody, so Badri follows Chandra to his village. When both of them arrive in the village, the residents begin to think that Badri is Chandra’s son, and Badri acknowledges this when the villagers inquire about their relationship.

When Chandra returns home, he discovers that his father has died. He is disappointed since no one has attempted to contact or notify him about the occurrence. He even believes that is all because he supported Maoist leaders during the civil war. Even after the usual constitution was formed, he is still not well-liked in the hamlet as a result of this choice.

Suraj (Rabindra Singh Baniya), Chandra’s brother, worked as a district police team to keep the area safe and secure. Peace is difficult to obtain because both brothers are going on separate paths in their lives. Even if Chandra wishes to alter people’s minds, it’s difficult until they desire to change themselves. In reality, cops and Maoists cannot be family under the same roof since it carries with it a slew of difficulties.

seto surya movie 2016

Durga (Asha Magrati) is waiting for Chandra to assist her with some of the legal paperwork that would back her in favor of her small daughter Pooja (Sumi Malla). Despite the facts, he refuses to support any legal issues since he does not want to be in any problems in the near future. Durga is a claver; she even attempts to marry Suraj and have a family, but it doesn’t work.

After all, both Suraj and Chadra cooperatively pull out the dead body of his father and walk in for the last rituals along with the villagers. Everything is going well until they start arguing over their choices, career, beliefs, and the love of their lives, all of which are entirely different from one another. This causes Suraj to abandon everything, despite the fact that it is the family’s final rite. And, for Chandra’s ego, performing the cultural ceremonies poses challenges and conflicts.

Seto Surya Movie Cast & Performance:

Dayahang Rai is a true treasure in the film. In the film, he plays Chandra nicknamed Agni, who is a staunch supporter of bringing change in hamlet. His character and actions reflect how difficult it is to bring change, and this can cause a lot of issues in choosing the proper option. One of the most touching and emotional scenes is when Badri and Chandra quarrel. Overall, Dayahang Rai performed admirably in the film Seto Surya.

Rabindra Singh Baniya has done an outstanding job in the film. His character is more of a self-respecting persona than anything else. If anything does not work to his advantage, he will simply quit the environment, but if something provides value, he will give it his all. Even though he is among his people, he seems somewhat adrift. In the picture, Rabindra Singh Baniya’s work stands out.

seto surya movie cast

Asha Magrati is one of the film’s most interesting and fearless characters. She is a single mother raising her little kid and is having difficulty choosing the appropriate path for her daughter. We can understand how difficult it is to be a single mother because of his story. It hurts her a lot when her daughter doesn’t know who her true father is. Durga is a master of organizational skills. In the entire film, Asha Magrati gives an outstanding performance.

Pooja (Sumi Malla) and Badri (Amrit Pariyar) are the greatest parts of the film. These characters are striving for a bright future, which is tough to attain. The tales presented by these people in the film will make you cry. The filmmaker has depicted the movie’s influential parts from a child’s psychological point of view, which is nerve-shattering. Sumi Malla and Amrit Pariyar did an excellent job.

Direction & Story Telling:

Deepak Rauniyar, the director/writer of the film Seto Surya, gives such a fantastic film to Nepalese moviegoers. The script is a simple yet dramatic depiction of an anti-regime civil war, wonderfully penned by David Barker and Deepak Rauniyar. Every segment in the film was brilliantly filmed by Mark O’Fearghail, and David Barker trimmed it and offered a delightful feast to the eyes. The cast and crew of the Seto Surya film are the greatest at what they do in delivering such an excellent movie. Everyone did a phenomenal job!

Movie Verdict:

Seto Surya is one of the most obscure movies in the Nepalese film industry. What can you anticipate as an audience from such excellent storytelling and wonderful performances? It is highly recommended that you watch the film in a cinema near you. The experience was amazing!

Seto Surya Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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