The Best Nepali Movies of 2023: Incredible Moments

The filmmakers delivered outstanding Nepali movies for the year 2023 that absolutely impressed industry moviegoers in the cinema halls. Movies include Jaari, which drew the largest crowds in theaters and became the highest-grossing film of all time. Certain movies, such as Mahanagar, Halkara, and others, touched the audience’s hearts regarding cinema experience and creation. The Nepali movie industry has had a truly spectacular year.

jaari movie review


The flick Mahanagar is a real treasure, with outstanding performances by Menuka Pradhan and Karma. What an enthralling film to see! Mahanagar is a theatrical experience that will delight any cinephile. The writer/director, Mohan Rai, has expertly produced an uplifting story and screenplay that will touch the emotional core of any individual, and he has brilliantly directed the narrative of the picture. The story is straightforward, yet the picture manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seats until the end. What an amazing story, cast, and presentation.

mahanagar movie cast


Halkara is an exclusive cinema in the Nepalese film community. Each component of the picture promises to be beautiful and faultless. Bikram Sapkota, the movie’s writer/director, has devoted all of his heart and energy to presenting Nepalese spectators with such great entertainment. The director has created a truthful story with magnificent sights and composition. The vibrant color palettes in each plot and scene are soothing to the sense of sight. The background soundtrack by Bruno Valenti is one of the film’s most notable qualities. Viplob Pratik and Akash Baral collaborated with Sapkota to create better characters and screenplays that bring the story to life. The core artists Mahesh Tripathi and Binita Thapa Magar shine in the movie.

halkara movie review


Jaari is set in a Limbu village where the couple’s bad relationship is the gossip of the community. Namsang (Dayahang Rai) and Hangma (Miruna Magar) are married Limbu couples who have been together for more than five years. The bond between Miruna Magar and Dayahang Rai keeps you engaged and thrilled during the duration of the movie. Upendra Subba, the writer and director, executed outstanding work in producing such a lovely film. A simple concept, but with an intriguing delivery and stunning visuals. Mr. Subba, the ship’s captain, makes an outstanding filmmaking breakthrough. Jaari is a complete package of emotions that will make you laugh and cry. You’ll love it.

jaari miruna magar

Dimaag Kharab

With Dimag Kharab, Nischal Basnet joyfully emerges as a filmmaker. The film recounts the narrative of an ordinary individual battling for his rights against those in authority. We, as audiences, agree the movie is well-crafted and conveyed with passion and emotion. The exhibited film holds viewers glued to their feet for the course of its running time. The premise and screenplay are fantastic, and the cast of the film does an admirable job of portraying their roles.

dimaag kharaab movie cast

Chhakka Panja 4

Chhakka Panja 4 shows a confrontation between Nepal’s journalism and the government. Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niroula, Kedar Ghimire, and Buddhi Tamang all portray substantial roles in the picture. Chhakka Panja 4, a political comedy-drama, is one of Hem Raj BC’s greatest works in Nepali movies. Deepak Raj Giri’s story and interaction keep viewers hooked to the movie theater. The creators have gone to great discomforts to provide a comprehensive family-friendly picture that will help you giggle while keeping you amused.

chhakka panja 4 movie


Fulbari is an entirely family picture that features togetherness and an excellent expressive representation for parents and kids. Bipin and Aruna Karki sparkle like gems across the film’s running time. Upendra Subba, the writer, and Ram Babu Gurung, the director, comprehend the Nepalese the public’s and humanity’s sensations and thoughts. In a restricted way, the movie beautifully conveys an incomplete family narrative. Fulbari’s storyline, performances of the artists, and making complement one another. Both the cinematography and editing are excellent – wonderfully shot and accomplished.

Fulbari movie review

Nango Gaun

The nepali movie Nango Gaun revolves around a political feud in the hamlet between a respected professor and an established politician. Dayahang Rai’s performance in the flick is superb, and it glows constantly. Dipendra Lama, Nango Gaun, writer/director, has given Nepalese audiences yet another compelling picture. The filmmakers look at the way politicians hinder society’s growth as well as how it operates. The filmmakers skillfully present tales and topics inside the context of a political drama setting. As the story proceeds, the characters’ talents shine on the large display. Overall, the communal dramatic film Nango Gaun surprises while simultaneously sending a powerful message to the viewer.

nango gaun movie trailer


Sara Sirpaili, Pritam Raj Senchury, and Kabir Khadka feature in Gunjan, a romantic thriller. The nepali movie depicts a lover’s exhilarating passionate retribution. Asta Man Maharjan, the filmmaker, is seeking to portray a unique and different part of the love tale to Nepalese people. The poetic account and discourse are unique approaches to connecting moviegoers and superstars. The concept is neutral, yet everyone on the crew pushed relentlessly to produce a fantastic movie.

gunjan sara sirpaila

Jackie – I Am 21

Jackie – I Am 21 is an entire emotive package that stresses pursuing your dreams to the utmost. Jackie – I Am 21, directed by Renasha Rai Rana, is a beautiful dance movie that actually motivates youths. She knows how to perform as a choreographer, and it reflects on the screen as well. Additionally, she did not scrimp on making a powerful dancing picture since the cast performed excellently. The overall story and acting abilities of Dhiraj Magar and Prem Subba are captivating. The ambient music by Rohit Shakya and choreography by The Wild Ripperz Crew are the best parts of the accompanying movie.

jackie i am 21 dhiraj magar

Pashupati Prasad 2: Bhasme Don

Khagendra Lamichhane and Dpendra K Khanal have partnered to provide moviegoers with yet another great sequel. Bhasme Don/Bhuwan (Bipin Karki) has given up all criminal and aggressive duties after a period of seven years so as to develop into a lovely individual. The director, Dpendra K. Khanal, has a strong connection to the writer’s vision and aim. Mr. Dpendra addresses each person and skillfully explains their story in detail. The filmmaker is able to manage his movie’s sequence and plot requirements with the goal of keeping those watching on the verge of their chairs and interested throughout the end. In the movie, Krishna Bahadur Thapa has captured incredible shots for the spectacular vistas and visuals. The Nepali movie contains witty dialogues, excellent performances, and a fascinating narrative.

Pashupati Prasad 2 Bhasme Don


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