The New Verse – The journey begins

The New Verse – The journey begins…

The Journey started in 2021 AD with a love and passion for the arts and entertainment industry. The New Verse (TNV) visions to quantify the feeling of togetherness in the entertainment traffic through quality content and information. TNV takes the stand to connect the global audiences by presenting valuable reviews and explainers to movies, series, and anime lovers.

The New Verse (TNV) was built with a vision to connect every Nepalese cinema supporter in one common platform. Our team believes in consistency, perseverance, unity, and integrity when it comes to making a difference in story-telling. At TNV, we illustrate the stories through breakdowns and reviews of the movies, tv-series, and animes.
Through TNV, we present the articles and stories from our point of view – how we perceive and feel in the context of art and entertainment. With genuine viewpoints and reviews, we always encourage and empower Nepalese filmmakers to make the great films.

The New Verse


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