Timro Mero Saath (2023) Movie Review: Broken Trust

Timro Mero Saath is a romantic triangle love story starring Samragyee RL Shah, Puspa Khadka, and Sandip Chhetri. Love hurts the greatest when the person you love the most is snatched from you and you have no choice but to appear as if nothing has happened.

timro mero saath movie

Timro Mero Saath Movie Story:

Varun (Puspa Khadka) and Arpita (Emily Lama) have been married for many years. Since marrying Varun, Arpita, who owns a well-known hospital in town, has become a full-time housewife. Varun, the owner of MK Wine, is a hardworking and goal-oriented businessman. Arpita falls in love with Varun and eventually marries him because of his excitement and honesty.

Varun’s close buddy Sandip (Sandip Chhetri) is a doctor who works professionally at Arpita’s hospital. Arpita and Sandip have been wonderful employees and friends since the day they met. Sandip has always been a huge supporter and well-wisher for Arpita, and Arpita considers Sandip to be more of a family member than a friend. Sandip, on the other hand, pays frequent visits to Varun to enjoy some casual family vibes and festivities.

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Everyone is content, but when Sakshi (Samragyee RL Shah) returns to Varun’s life, everything changes. Sandip presents Sakshi during Varun’s wine brand’s premiere. Sandip adores Sakshi but is unable to express his feelings because they spend so much time together. Sakshi has been looking for Varun for a long time because they split up five years ago when Sakshi chose a career in another nation over residing in Nepal with Varun. Varun suffers the most as a result of this; he becomes depressed and is hospitalized. And, strangely, he meets Arpita and falls in love with her there.

When Sakshi and Arpita meet, they have an immediate connection. Arpita is unaware of Varun and Sakshi’s relationship, hence she appears to be acting normally in this situation. When Arpita discovers Varun and Sakshi having an intimate moment while at a celebration, she loses control and murders her. This tragedy has been a major setback in everyone’s life.

Timro Mero Saath Movie Cast & Performance:

Puspa Khadka made a great contribution to the image. He manages to offer his all, from aspiring businessman to accomplished businessman. The character’s melancholy periods are beautifully played and are filled with compassionate feelings. Puspa is depicted in the film as a slightly depressed man, as his positions are surrounded by pessimism and sadness.

timro mero saath movie 2023

The film’s love interest is played by Samragyee RL Shah. Samragyee plays Puspa’s ex-girlfriend, who has returned to make things right with Puspa but lacks the essential abilities. Samragyee worked hard to play the finest part in the film. Her character tries hard to demonstrate the significance of the connection and how love suffers when trust is broken.

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The doctor at Arpita’s hospital, Sandip Chhetri, secretly adores her. He is a fun-loving individual despite being one of the film’s melancholy characters. Sandip gave an outstanding performance in the film.

Samragyee RL Shah 2023

Puspa’s wife, Emily Lama, is supportive and compassionate. She prioritizes Puspa’s life over her own, and she is a compelling film presence. Emily did an excellent job in the photograph. She demonstrates how everything is wrecked when trust is betrayed. Excellent work!

Direction & Story Telling:

If you like Samragyee RL Shah and Puspa Khadka, Timro Mero Saath is a must-see. Both have given excellent performances, and the director has done all necessary to bring out the best in the top casts. However, the film falls short of presenting a fantastic narrative that will captivate the viewer.

Movie Verdict:

Timro Mero Saath is a love, treachery, and loathing connection. The film explores the fragile relationship between the past and the present, as well as friendship and conflict. This is a wonderful pick if you appreciate triangular love tales and romantic movies.

Timro Mero Saath Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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