Timro Mero Saath (2023) Movie Trailer: Psycho Love Makes Your Life Hell | Samragyee RL Shah | Puspa Khadka | Sandip Chhetri

Timro Mero Saath, a romantic thriller drama film, features the enthralling chemistry of Samragyee RL Shah and Puspa Khadka. What pains you more than the iron being heated with love yet your lover no longer wants to be with you.

timro mero saath movie 2023

In the featured trailer, Samragyee is completely in love with Puspa, but Puspa refuses to recall any of their interactions. When everything boils and aches, Sandip Chhetri becomes the pivotal figure to balance the scenario in the picture, but he is unable to do so. The trailer depicts a difficult connection among the cast members who are actually dissatisfied with their relationships and the repercussions are ruining their lives.

timro mero saath puspa sandip

The movie features Samragyee RL Shah, Puspa Khadka, Sandip Chhetri, Emily Lama, Saroj Khanal, Khadka B. Pun, and Dipisha K.C. in major roles. Timro Mero Saath movie is releasing on 19th January 2022 in cinema halls.

Watch Timro Mero Saath Movie Trailer:



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