Tulkee (2023) Movie Trailer: Multi-husband Custom & Norms of Himalayas | Shisir Bangdel | Swostima Karki | Dev Thapa

Tulkee exhibits a traditional Nepalese custom in which a lady is required to marry all of her husband’s brothers. Any lady who went through this custom had to face awful physical and mental emotions.

tulkee movie swostima karki

In the Himalayas, society is male-dominated, and women’s voices are unheard, causing them to endure several difficulties. Swostima Karki appears to be a brilliant lady in Tulkee, but her life is crushed by society’s conventions and ideals. Worst of all, she is defenseless.

Tulkee’s director, Dev Thapa, is attempting to depict the traditional tale of Nepalese society. The trailer demonstrates sympathy for the main character, Tulkee. Shisir Bangdel, Swostima Karki, Som Lama, Himali Hamal, Ratna Prasad Neupane, Shekhar Lama, Laxmi Devkota, Bhakta Sing Kathayat, Naren Tamang, Sophiya Limbu, and Saujan Subba are among the cast members. Tulkee will be released in theaters on May 26, 2023.

Watch Tulkee Movie Trailer:


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