Upahaar (2024) Movie Review: Empowering & Entertaining

Upahaar movie is a complete family entertainment drama that will make you laugh and cry throughout the picture. Rekha Thapa shines elegantly in her stunning performance.

Upahaar (2024) Movie Rekha Thapa

Upahaar Movie Story

Muna (Rekha Thapa) operates Chiya Ghar, a tea setting in Kathmandu. She spent all of his savings in the shop, and it is now a profitable venture. She uses the money to buy a new flat in town, which she names Upahaar. As a single person, she finds the apartment to be too large, so she decides to share it with a paid visitor. With this approach, she gains two more members: Pooja (Pooja Sharma) and Nisha (Benisha Hamal). After living in the same apartment, they share their love and hardships stories.

Upahaar Movie Cast & Performance

In the film Upahaar, Rekha Thapa plays the leader role Muna. Her role exemplifies the strength of dedication and hardship in the film. Anyone can attain their goals if they are determined and courageous enough. Rekha is attempting to empower females in the film with her role in Upahaar. Selling tea in every part of Kathmandu and owning a tea store is an excellent example of courage for any lady. She maintains her personal and professional lives with ease. Rekha gives a fantastic performance in the motion picture, and her journey makes viewers cry. Her cinematic presence with Mukun Bhusal as a love pair is delightful. Catching Rekha Thapa’s performance after so many years is a great theatrical joy.

upahaar movie rekha thapa

Benisha Hamal portrays Nisha, the town’s lawyer. She is committed to her obligations and fights for what is right. As a lawyer, she fights multiple cases and wins them all with ease. In the film, when her partner cheats on her, she is broken and hurt. Benisha’s performance in the movie, Upahaar, is commendable. She justifies her character well, demonstrating that even a divorced woman can be happy in her life. Witnessing her journey will make viewers cry. Benisha depicts her character brilliantly throughout the film, and fans adore her performance.

upahaar movie benisha hamal

Pooja Sharma plays the role Pooja, who exudes a relaxed and cheerful attitude. She is a high school student who has recently completed her education and plans to move to Australia for further study. As a little orphan girl, her relaxed and hilarious vibes will spark the viewer’s interest in her character. In the film Upahaar, Pooja plays the love interest of two people: one with her boyfriend and one with her sugar daddy. She makes the character amusing and intriguing, particularly with Shishir Rana. Pooja Sharma played an interesting persona, and fans appreciated it.

upahaar movie 2024

Shishir Rana portrays the humorous character Chabi in the film Upahaar. He hails from an affluent family, and despite their affluence, he is unable to receive love and affection from her wife. As a result, he becomes a sugar daddy in pursuit of love and affection from younger women. When he appears on screen, his performances make the audience laugh and chuckle. His demeanor and body language keep the viewers interested in the picture. Shishir Rana delivered a terrific performance in the film Upahaar.

upahaar movie cast

Mukun Bhusal plays the character Madan, a cab driver. He adheres to his obligations and responsibilities. Mukun did his best to bring the persona to life. His amorous scenes with Rekha Thapa are some of the greatest in the film. Mukun’s performance in the film Upahaar will move the audience to tears.

Direction & Story Telling

Gyanendra Deuja directed the movie Upahaar. Mr. Gyanendra has masterfully directed the family drama film, with the core theme of women’s empowerment. The film’s creators emphasize the movie’s distinct female character and their hardships. In a male-dominated world, the director demonstrates that women are equally capable of living up to their expectations and even assisting men in reaching their goals. The main protagonists, played by Rekha Thapa, Benisha Hamal, and Pooja Sharma, empower the women with their stories of love and sacrifices. The film’s best feature is the empowering writing and narration by Sulakshan Bharati, Abhimanyu Nirabi, and Madhab Sharma. The writers have eloquently told the stories of each lady character and integrated them with an affectionate narrative. Arjun Pokharel and Babul Giri composed wonderful songs for the film Upahaar, which are a gift for spectators’ ears. Overall, Gyanendra Deuja and his team deliver a pleasant family drama to Nepali moviegoers.

Movie Verdict

The film Upahaar conveys the story of women’s empowerment, love, friendship, and difficulties in life. The lead actors, Rekha Thapa, Benisha Hamal, and Pooja Sharma, deliver stunning performances that are a pleasure to watch. If you appreciate entertaining family drama films, Upahaar is the one for you. You will enjoy it.


Upahaar Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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