A Sathi Suna (2023) Movie Review: Love & Betrayal

The romantic thriller A Sathi Suna explores how treachery and love may drastically alter a person’s direction. In the film, Ayan Khadka’s stellar acting takes the spotlight.

A Sathi Suna Movie 2023

A Sathi Suna Movie Story

Amrita (Barsha Siwakoti) resides with her parents in the little village of Khurkot. She never has to compromise because she comes from a good family. Suman (Ramesh Baniya) was also adopted by a family of three when Suman’s family perished in a landslide in the hamlet. After that, Suman formed a family and helped Amrita’s family with all of their home chores.

A Sathi Suna Movie Barsha Siwakoti

Living in the same home and attending the same school, Suman and Amrita fell in love with one another quickly. Amrita is more than anyone utterly enamored with Suman. Suman, however, fears falling in love with her since he is a lower caste member and has nothing in life. The peasants are against intercaste marriage, particularly when it involves two members of different castes. They intended to elope and start over in another place when things didn’t work out for them. Suman and Amrita experience a great deal of agony in their lives after leaving their village.

A Sathi Suna Movie Cast & Performance

In the film A Sathi Suna, Barsha Siwakoti (Amrita) is shown as a person who is vivacious and resilient. Barsha did an incredible job on her part in this picture. She’s tried her hardest to grow her character in life. She is strong and puts herself forward in the film, refusing to rely on or give in to anything that doesn’t align with her moral principles. Seeing a figure with such strength inspired us to speak up for what we valued. Barsha has accomplished a lot overall, but we think she can do a little bit more to develop a compelling character. Well done!

In the movie, Ramesh Baniya, who plays Suman, is viewed as a good and innocent man. Although Mr. Baniya has tried her hardest to portray the role, we believe he still needs to work on his acting a little bit more. In the movie, Ramesh is mostly concerned with taking care of his landlord’s home, but he still finds time for his beloved Amrita in his free time. As you see his performance, you can’t help but feel unhappy when Suman’s love departs from you immediately after you start being together. The figure that Mr. Baniya portrays is able to evoke that tense, emotional moment in the audience. Good job!

A Sathi Suna Movie cast

In the film A Sathi Suna, Ayan Khadka does outstanding work that captivates the viewer. In the story, Ayan’s character is viewed as the antagonist, dark and brimming with rage and hostility. The audience finds the guy, who has been betrayed and cheated on by his loved ones, sympathetic because the filmmaker has also shown the earlier version of his story before delving into the dark side of his life. The dialogue portrayal from Ayan brings goosebumps when he reflects on god and the devil. Ayan gives a wholesomely horrifying performance that keeps the audience interested and riveted throughout the film. Ayan Khadka has tremendous promise, and we expect to see more intriguing films from him. Excellently performed!

A Sathi Suna Movie ayan khadka

A Sathi Suna Movie Cast: Barsha Siwakoti, Ramesh Baniya, Ayan Khadka, Susil Pokharel, Jayananda Lam, Ramesh Adhikari, Bimala Giri, Laxmi Saud(Lusi), Rukmila Adhikari, Subash Shah, Sunil Katuwal, Kapil Khadka, Anuja Shing, SK Dai, Sagar, Sidhda Raj Timilsina, Suresh Timilsina, Ramila Sapkota, Sakuntala Baniya, Sushant Shrestha, Prakriti Dhungel, Manu Shah, Sharijana Mishra, and Santosh Kumar.

Direction & Story Telling

As we see the movie, we come to believe that writer/director Ram Raghav Acharya has made a really nice effort with A Sathi Suna. The film’s creators put a lot of effort into giving viewers an exciting experience. Audiences feel that the prose could be further enhanced to construct a more compelling plotline in the flick, though. The background music adds a good sense of flow to the narrative. All in all, Ram Raghav Acharya and crew made a commendable effort with their film A Sathi Suna.

A Sathi Suna Movie Verdict

The romantic thriller film A Sathi Suna tells the tale of love and betrayal. You will like the film if you enjoy the exhilarating sensation of being in a cinema theater or if you enjoy the works of Ayan Khadka or Barsha Siwakoti.


A Sathi Suna Movie Rating: ⭐⭐ / 5


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