Agastya (2024) Movie Review: Action Film Of The Year

The movie Agastya (Chapter 1) is one of the best action-packed suspense thriller movies of the year. Saugat Malla shines in both action and emotional performances throughout the movie.

AGASTYA (Chapter 1) (2024) Movie Trailer

Agastya Movie Story

Saugat Malla (Saurya) and Najir Husan (Nisan) are two friends who work for Nepal Police. They are both very sincere and honest about their jobs and responsibilities. To solve the assigned cases, they might go to any length to achieve their goal. Saurya and Nisan completed four assigned missions together. They are currently allocated new cases in Nawalparasi. Both accept the events with ease, but when they find out about Bhawani Singh Tripathi (Pramod Agrahari), they become outraged. This single task causes numerous issues in everyone’s lives.

Agastya Movie Cast & Performance

Saugat Malla plays the lead character Saurya in the film Agastya. Saugat plays the role of a visionary and passionate police officer who proudly serves his country. Furthermore, his character demands to play an avatar of a mentally ill individual. As the story unfolds, his physical metamorphosis, action, costume, and body language keep the audience interested in his portrayal. While he plays a mentally sick character, he has no dialogue; yet, his performance shines throughout the film. With such a fantastic performance, spectators may sympathize with Saugat Malla’s character, Saurya, in Agastya. Saugat Malla’s performance in this film is among his greatest. He has brilliantly transformed himself, both physically and emotionally. Saugat has performed several action sequences in the film; as a viewer, the concluding action sequences are remarkable shots. Fans went crazy in the theater after witnessing his power-packed performance.

agastya movie saugat malla

Najir Husen is seen playing another important character, Nisan. In the film Agastya, Najir plays an honest police officer who is also Saugat Malla’s best friend. In the story, Najir assists Saugat Malla in solving criminal cases, and he does an excellent job. As a cop, he shares the power pack action moments, switches the thugs around, and looks for his closest friend with great care. Najir’s acting in Agastya is praiseworthy, as he portrays his role effectively. Most of all, we appreciated his action officer avatar in the film, who is always on time to save his people. However, there were few scenes in the film where his dialogue could be improvised more. Overall, Najir Husan appears well as a proactive cop who handles his challenges effortlessly.

agastya movie casts

Pramod Agrahari plays a significant antagonist, Bhawani Singh Tripathi, in the picture. Tripathi is a dark and violent character who values power and business above everything else. If things got out of hand, he would execute anyone who betrayed him or failed to accomplish the responsibilities assigned to his troops. He decides without giving it a second thought, which sounds terrifying. Pramod’s performance in the film Agastya is notable since he portrays his character with ease. When he arrives in the film, he evokes fear and terror, keeping the viewer captivated by his act. His principles and philosophical deliberation are brilliantly depicted, which keeps the audience interested. Regardless, audiences anticipate a darker demeanor in the film. Perhaps the makers kept it for the movie’s next franchise. Overall, Pramod Agrahari’s fearless performance is favorable.

agastya movie malika mahat

Malika Mahat plays Chadani, Saugat Malla’s love interest. In the film, she plays a compassionate and kind doctor who prioritizes her responsibilities. Malika’s caring demeanor shines across in the film Agastya (Chapter 1). Her kind and affectionate attitude toward women will make the audience fall in love with her. However, her dialogue delivery could be improvised in various portions of the film. Overall, Malika Mahat did an excellent job portraying a caring and loving character.

Direction & Story Telling

Saurav Chaudhary directed and wrote the movie Agastya (Chapter 1). Mr. Saaurav’s visions and perspective on creating a great action film are clearly evident in the movie. The filmmaker made no compromises in creating such a fantastic film for Nepalese moviegoers. The storyline for the film is brilliantly written and wonderfully executed in terms of production. Saurav Chaudhary shines well in directing and delivering this stunning action drama.

The core of the film is its action sequences, which have captivated the hearts of the audience. Shree Shrestha, the action director, has done an excellent job in creating nail-biting action shots, particularly of Saugat Malla and Najir Husan. Sanjay Lama captured both the emotional and action contexts in a way that is pleasing to the viewer’s eyes. Suprim Parajuli’s cinematic tones and colors in the film convey both the tremendous character arc and the character’s feelings and emotions. The character arc design, costume design, actor performances, and background score are the best aspects of the film, Agastya (Chapter 1).

Movie Verdict

Agastya (Chapter 1) is one of the best action movies of the year, which will keep viewers entertained in the theater. Saurav Chaudhary, the filmmaker, has done his best to offer such a powerful action picture filled with outstanding action sequences, uniform design, background score, and cinematic experience. The best component is that the film’s main characters, Saugat Malla, Najir Husan, and Pramod Agrahari, deliver outstanding performances. If you appreciate action dramas with compelling plots, the Agastya (Chapter 1) movie is for you.


Agastya (Chapter 1) Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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