Aincho Paincho (2023) Movie Review: Terrible Politics

The film Aincho Paincho depicts the ugly side of politics, highlighting how so-called politicians abuse power and ruin society. Mukun Bhusal and Sushil Sitaula are the most entertaining pair in the entire movie.

Aincho Paincho Movie

Aincho Paincho Movie Story:

The film Aincho Paincho exemplifies why politics is regarded as a nasty game. Dilendra (Mukun Bhusal) positions in his political career in order to play the game with excellent ideals and ethics. His party, however, does not see him as a viable contender for the next election, despite the fact that his beliefs are highly valued by locals. While Dilendra leads local party efforts, his colleague, Sundar (Koshish Chhetri), opposes him. As a result, these two are at odds on both personal and professional levels. Dilendra can’t stand still since the party favors Sundar, therefore he leaves the party.

Sita Ram (Sushil Sitaula), Dilendra’s close buddy, is always there for him when he is down or needs help. Both buddies have the strongest bonds and ties with one another. Sitaram will discover the finest solution for Dilendra when he is in danger. Sitaram understands how to communicate and manage difficult circumstances. Sitaram’s pal is getting older but hasn’t married, so he’s doing everything he can to help him marry and create a family. They are friends, yet they have brotherly connections, which is entertaining to witness.

Aincho Paincho Movie Review

Dilendra falls in love with Rupa (Swastima Khadka), one of the village’s most gorgeous females. Rupa is an exuberant and lively lady who enjoys her own life and is also a TikTokor with a large fan base. Dilendra finds it tough to communicate his feelings for Rupa, but with the help of a buddy and a bottle of booze, he succeeds.

Rupa has a sister, Puspa (Barsha Raut), who is hardworking and devoted to her family. In addition to attending village college, she likes caring for her family and completing domestic chores. She isn’t an outgoing person, and she doesn’t have many friends; her family is her entire universe.

Everything is great till Sundar Thapa enters Dilendra’s path. Their political disagreements disrupt both their personal and professional lives. Dilendra suffered greatly in his career as a result of this.

Aincho Paincho Movie Cast:

Mukun Bhusal (Dilendra) is portrayed in the film as an ambitious politician who strives for a successful political career while also contributing to society. Mukun has played his role in the film brilliantly. The entire plot revolves around Mukun’s character and how the ups and downs of his political career affect his personal and professional life. Excellent work!

In the film Aincho Paincho, Sushil Sitaula (Sitaram) delivered a standout performance. In the spotlight, his comedic character makes the audience chuckle. The finest aspect of his character is his love and devotion for his brother Dilendra, which causes tears to his eyes. Great work!

Aincho Paincho Movie Swastima Khadka

Swastima Khadka (Rupa) is a lively lady in town. She has done an excellent job portraying her persona. When Swastima and Mukun share the screen, we expect their romantic love tale to progress a little further. Overall, her upbeat personality is something moviegoers would like. Well done!

Barsha Raut (Puspa) has a nice and charming serious and homey temperament. She doesn’t have big ambitions for her life, but she wants to do everything she can for her family. The audience would enjoy seeing the sacrifice she made to safeguard his family’s reputation and her feelings for her in-laws. Barsha’s emotional bundle is incredible to see on film. Excellent work!

The movie’s badass character is Koshish Chhetri (Sundar). He is an expert at handling illicit duties with a clean cheat. He doesn’t employ physical strain, but instead uses intellectual considerations to bring down his opponents. The crowd enjoys the battle between Koshish and Mukun. Fantastic job!

Direction & Story Telling:

Krisha Chaulagain, the film’s director, is attempting to depict the filthy game of politicians in Aincho Paincho. How terrible politicians are running politics, and how much the good ones suffer. She did her best to keep the plot moving and to entertain the audience. As viewers, we would anticipate a bit more good character development and conflicts, which we hope to see in future films. Overall, Aincho Paincho will keep the audience entertained in the cinema hall. You’ll like it.

Movie Verdict:

The Aincho Paincho movie team has addressed a vexing topic in Nepalese politics: how politicians gain power while citizens are helpless. The plot of Abhimanyu Nirabi focuses on how politics harms Nepalese people, particularly those in rural regions. Mukun Bhusal and Sushil Sitaula’s characters have witty and amusing dialogue. Krisha Chaulagain, the director, has done her utmost to entertain the audience, and the film does so. Swastima Khadka, Mukun Bhusal, Barsha Raut, Sushil Sitaula, Koshish Chhetri, and Rajaram Poudyal all give outstanding performances in the film. You’ll enjoy the movie.

Aincho Paincho Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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