Appa (2019) Movie Review: Rare Father-Son Picture

The movie Appa is an homage to all the loving fathers who devote their lives to seeing their children prosper. Dayahang Rai delivered an outstanding performance throughout the film. Loved it!

appa movie 2019

Appa Movie Story

Dayahang Rai (Birkhe) is a native driver in Darjeeling, India, who usually has a positive attitude. One day, he picks up a group of Bengali visitors who aim to visit Darjeeling. Despite the cold temperature and foggy conditions, Birkhe takes guests on an exciting trip. He sings and dances with the passengers with affection and cares about them during the entire trip.

appa movie 2019

On the highway, he leads his visitor to Aangi’s (Aruna Karki), a tiny tavern where visitors can taste great local cuisine while Birkhe drinks and eats. As the cold winter sets in, he consumes local booze to warm up his body. His life becomes more problematic when he is involved in an accident while traveling with a Bengali family. Everyone dies except Birkhe and a Bengali child named Sid (Siddhant Raj Tamang).

Appa Movie Cast & Performance

Dayahang Rai plays the lead character Birkhe, a fun-loving individual in the movie Appa. In the film, he appears as a jeep driver who helps take tourists from the train station to Kalimpong, Darjeeling. Birkhe appears innocent, yet he enjoys drinking beer and cracking jokes with those he supports. He has been living alone, so he lacks family responsibilities and child care. When he adopts Sid, the child of a Bengali family, he faces numerous obstacles in raising him. Despite the hurdles, he works hard to complete his tasks. Dayahang does an excellent job in the film. He has improvised by developing a strong character that resembles a Darjeeling man, adhering to their lifestyle and culture. Daya’s act of love, support, and care in the film pulls the audience to tears. We thoroughly love Dayahang’s performance in the Appa movie.

appa movie dayahang rai

Aruna Karki portrays the character Aangi, who owns a modest hotel in Kalimpong. She feeds the tourists delicious meals. In the picture, she is additionally seen as a supporter of Dayahang Rai. As the film unfolds, Dayahang and Aruna develop a strong bond, particularly when Dayahang Rai struggles with childcare. In the film, there is a scene where Sid becomes unwell as a result of a cold; at this point, Aruna appears as the sick boy’s mother, which appears to be a fascinating moment. Aruna’s passionate moments and support cause tingling vibes in the audience. Aruna Karki has a little role in the film Appa, but she plays it beautifully.

appa movie aruna karki

The film Appa marks Siddarth Raj Tamang’s (Sid) debut. Siddarth’s debut performance is commendable. Audiences adore his movie’s presence alongside his pals and love interest, Kavya. Audiences may feel nostalgic as they watch Sid and Kavya’s romantic teenage setting. Siddarth Raj Tamang and Dayahang Rai appear in a peculiar father-son scenario that serves as the film’s emotional center. Siddharth has done his best to justify the character, however he needs to improve in terms of dialogue delivery and body expression. Good effort.

appa movie review

Appa also marks Allona Kabo Lepcha’s (Kavya) film debut. She is portrayed as a high school student and the love interest of Siddarth Raj Tamang. The audience will admire Kavya and Sid’s lovely romance. This character, Kavya, also demonstrates how family difficulties may harm relationships. We really enjoyed her performance in the film Appa. Above all, we wish her the best and urge Allona Kabo Lepcha to develop her acting abilities.

Direction & Story Telling

Anmol Gurung directed and wrote the movie Appa. Anmol worked hard to bring Nepalese moviegoers a one-of-a-kind film with an authentic tale. Appa is a good film that depicts family bonds, romantic relationships, friendships, and a calming musical ambiance. However, audiences expect more robust plotlines and screenwriting to advance the character’s journey and storytelling. Shailendra D. Karki’s camera work in the film is impressive, with amazing shots of Kalimpong and Darjeeling. The best parts of the film Appa are Anmol Gurung’s music and Saikat Dev’s background score. Overall, Appa is a stunning family drama film.

Movie Verdict

Dayahang Rai’s character and tale in the Appa film are unique. If you appreciate musical romance dramas, this film could be for you. Anmol Gurung and his team put in a fantastic effort with Appa, which will make you both laugh and cry. We recommend that you watch the movie, Appa.


Appa Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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