Babari (2022) Movie Review: Baffling Love Story

When the love you give to another person is not understood, all you get is despair. That is exactly what the Babari film portrays. Bijeta, Bikrant, and Ronish are the protagonists of Babari, a traditional triangle love story.

babari movie review

Babari Movie Story:

Bijeta (Aditi Budhathoki) has been invited to her closest friend’s wedding in Sikkim. She is going to spend time with her buddies. She meets Ronish (Dhiraj Nadakar) at the party and finally falls in love with him. Ronish vows to deliver a marriage proposal to Bijeta’s house as soon as possible in order for them to marry. Both leave with the hope of meeting again soon.

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Bijeta returns home to find her parents attempting to arrange her marriage to another unknown man, whom she despises. At the same time, she meets into a childhood acquaintance, Vikrant (Dhiraj Magar), who accepts Bijeta’s sister’s marriage proposal, but falls in love with Bijeta. Then things get out of hand.

Babari Movie Cast & Performance:

Aditi Budhathoki plays Bijeta, a gorgeous girl in town, in the film. She received all she wanted since she was the daughter of a politician. Bijeta does not listen to anyone when it comes to her dream; she does what she believes is right. Aditi does a wonderful job throughout the film of keeping and balancing her demeanor.

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Vikrant alias Sano Raja, the son of a prominent local, is played by Dhiraj Magar. Vikrant is a pampered brat who wastes his father’s money and extravagance on himself rather than his ambitions. He is a stubborn and arrogant friend, but when it comes to helping his friends, he is compassionate and generous. Dhiraj gives an excellent performance in the flick. It was also great to see him on film after all these years.

Dhiraj Nadakar makes his acting debut in Babari as Ronish, a pilot and self-made success story. Ronish is a young man from Sikkim who is deeply committed to his profession. He understands how to deal with adversity while yet keeping the ladies close to his heart. Dhiraj offered everything he had in the film, and we hope he continues to develop as an actor. His Nepalese accent will take your breath away.

Babari Movie Songs:

Babari’s music, background soundtracks, and romantic songs are the greatest parts of the film. Chulbul Chulbul, Babari Rang, and Mayaka Rangharu are all fantastic songs that you will want to listen to over and over. Anmol Gurung, Kali Prasad Baskota, and Sujan Chapagain developed beautiful music and compositions in the picture. And the soundtrack of the film gives you goosebumps and makes you cry.

Direction & Story Telling:

Surendra Poudel has worked extensively to make Babari a lovely romance drama picture. The narrative of the film is straightforward, yet it keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The narrative was written from two perspectives, one as a one-sided love story and the other as a couple, and what’s intriguing is that both relate – love is hard to discover. The makers intend to convey the idea that if you don’t give up, you will triumph in the end. Sundra Poudel and her crew did an outstanding job with Babari.

Movie Verdict:

Babari is a romantic drama starring Dhiraj Magar, Aditi Budhathoki, and Dhiraj Nadakar, all of whom are fresh to the industry. The narrative is simple and sympathetic, yet it keeps you interested throughout the film’s runtime. Babari’s music and cinematography are both breathtaking, and viewing them on the large screen is a real delight. If you like Dhiraj Magar and Aditi Budhathoki, you’ll like this film since they both give their all. We also enjoyed the Babari flick.

Babari Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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