Bagan (2023) Movie Review: Courage Of A Single Mom

Bagan is a film about a mother’s commitment and her daughter’s caring for her bereaved mother after the passing of her husband. Karishma Manandhar and Pramila Karki have both performed admirably as a mom and a daughter.

bagan movie 2023

Bagan Movie Story:

Aakanshya (Karishma Manandhar) is a widow whose husband committed suicide soon after the birth of their first child. As a result of this tragedy, she now has a slew of issues, both inside her family and in society. She couldn’t get enough fresh air as a widow. Aakanshya has life goals and aspirations, but no one is pushing her. As a result, she abandons her in-laws and moves to a new residence.

bagan movie karishma manandhar

Aakanshya relocates to a new home with her newborn baby, Prapti. She goes to great lengths to provide for her child. She hopes to complete her studies and grow in her career as time goes on. Despite her age, she enrolls at a metropolitan school nearby. While she is at school, her child is cared for by a neighborhood caregiver. She worked hard and completed her studies with honors.

Aakanshya begins working for an NGO that supports women’s empowerment after finishing her education. Prapti, on the other hand, starts school at the same school as Aakanshya graduated. Mom and daughter have a special bond. Prapti admires her mother for all she has done to make their lives better.

bagan movie pramila karki

Prapti has recurring nightmares about her father. She hates her father for committing suicide and left her mother with all of the responsibilities. Her father, in her perspective, is an example of a coward. She lacks her father’s love and support, and she believes that their lives would be different and more beautiful if she had her father.

Prapti believes her mother is single and is worried about her mother’s future. Even if Prapti has to move abroad for higher education or marries, her mother does not have a companion with whom she may have a happy existence. Such ideas force her to become preoccupied with her mother rather than herself. Their lives are changed when this mother and daughter meet a new person, Vijay.

Bagan Movie Cast & Performance:

Karishma Manandhar, a widowed single mother, has done an outstanding job. Her performance may serve as an inspiration to many other single mothers. She has played the part of a single mother admirably, bringing out the best in her character. Her touching discussions will have you in tears. As a spectator, you will realize how tough it is to be a single mother, and you will most significantly admire your loving mother.

bagan movie saraj khanal

Pramila Karki excelled as a debutante in the film Bagan. Pramila has done her best to carry on as the story proceeds, and this character drives the entire film. She is an encouraging, caring, and, most importantly, loving daughter in all parts of her life. In the film, we enjoy her connecting with her mother. Outstanding work!

Saroj Khanal is another forward-thinking Bagan resident. He plays Karishma Manandhar’s love interest and is one of the film’s highlights. Mr. Khanal did an excellent job and provided a lot of enthusiasm for the film. Outstanding effort!

Direction & Story Telling:

Saroj Khanal, the filmmaker, introduces the odd film to Nepalese filmgoers. The filmmaker has brilliantly conveyed Swapnil Nirav’s story. The narrative focuses on the hardships of a single mother and the harsh reality of our society. The tone and writing keep the audience intrigued and even make them contemplate the film’s point of view. However, the film’s editing may be enhanced in some portions. Bagan is a thrilling and entertaining play to watch in the theater.

Movie Verdict:

Bagan is a new film with great storytelling that promotes the strength and viewpoints of women. Karishma Manandhar and Pramila Karki’s screen presence will make you feel warm and treasured, and will even make you cry at times. Bagan is a must-see for everyone who like family dramas.

Bagan Movie Rating:⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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