Bahaab (2023) Movie Review: Fight for Independence

Bahaab is the narrative of a little girl battling for her freedom and independence. Sandhya (Surakshya Panta) goes on a perilous trip in search of the clear air of freedom.

bahaab movie Surakshya Panta

Bahaab Movie Story:

The film compares traditional and contemporary points of view, with traditional people concerned with their family, relatives, and the society in which they live, whilst today’s youth are concerned with their personal happiness and independence. We see the film through Sandhya’s perspective, who is striving to live her life exactly how she wants, but his family is becoming a huge impediment.

Sandhya is a young woman who studies microbiology at college full-time. Her mother, father, and brother (Sajjan) make up her family. Sandhya is close to Gopal’s uncle and brother, and she immediately alerts them to anything questionable.

bahaab movie 2023

Sandhya’s situation has lately deteriorated as her family seeks foreign PR holders for Sandhya’s marriage, something she firmly rejects. She wishes to complete her education, start her own business, and live a happy life by marrying the person she loves.

When she returns home from college, the USA PR holder pays her a visit, which she declines. Despite her protests, the man’s family wishes to marry her, and the worst part is that her family is not supportive of her job. Sandhya is annoyed by her family’s attitude toward her daughter as a burden.

Sandhya’s statement that she has had a lover for nearly 8 years exacerbates the family feud. Her father is a jerk who is upset with her. Her routines get difficult because her brother watches everything she does. Because of his one disagreement with the family’s decision, she feels she is in hell.

Bahaab Movie Cast & Performance:

The entire film Bahaab is directed by Surakshya Panta, and as viewers, we may relate with her challenging and demanding life journey. Surakshya is the family’s eldest daughter since her academic career is coming to an end and her family wants her to marry one of the country’s permanent residents. Furthermore, the cost of opposing the family’s decision is high. Surakshya plays the lead part in the film brilliantly. She recognizes the voice of early blood and embodies the character’s sorrow and pain.

Surakshya desires freedom and independence, yet traditional society prevents you from living completely. When everything goes wrong for her, she thinks about suicide but does not act. Surakshya Panta’s outstanding performance is a pleasure for all moviegoers.

Another significant character in the Bahaab film is Kamal Mani Nepal, who has a son, Sajjan, and a daughter, Sandhya. Mr. Kamal owns a restaurant and also works as a cook there. He has a short fuse and is a one-dimensional person who does not believe in considering alternative points of view.

The tension between Kamal Mani Nepal and Surakshya Panta is terrible for both characters. Surakshya is correct from a young person’s point of view, but Kamal is correct from a father’s point of view. Mr. Nepal has done an outstanding job portraying a harsh and irate father.

Direction & Story Telling:

Pramod Kandel, the film’s writer, and director, has done an excellent job of creating a realistic tale with which Nepalese millennials can identify. The filmmaker has picked a few cast members for the film and has used them expertly to convey a captivating narrative through the protagonist’s eyes. The authors included a caged parrot in the artwork to compare the main character’s condition to that of a caged bird that is unable to live his life. Well done, Pramod Kandel.

Movie Verdict:

If you’re searching for a great narrative, Bahaab is one of the best this year. The film is unusual and original since it is told through the eyes of a youngster. And if you enjoy Surakshya’s performances, you’ll enjoy this film.

Bahaab Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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