Bato Movie (2024) Review: Road to Death

The writer and director of the Bato picture has genuinely provided an exciting film to Nepali moviegoers. Sulakshyan Bharati’s outstanding performance captures the limelight.

Bato - Road to Death movie review

Bato Movie Story

Komal works as a nurse in an Alka hospital. She must urgently relocate from Kathmandu to Dharan for an emergency case involving the delivery of a human heart for a patient’s heart transplant. She has eight hours to complete the assignment, and as a fragile organ, she must take it with extreme caution. She takes the heart case and follows a hospital driver down the road. The forest path appears odd, with ladies cruelly slain by mysterious intruders; various militaries patrol the area for safety. However, these cases are never solved.

Bato - Road to Death movie

On the journey, Komal is attacked by unknown outsiders in the exotic Jungle. Fortunately, she receives a ride from Tony and Manjil, who are also on their way to Dharan Hospital. Despite receiving a lift, they are pursued all the way to Jungle Way, which causes a lot of stress and difficulties in their life.

Bato Movie Cast & Performance

Sulakchhyan Bharati plays Tony, a taxi driver, in the movie Bato. He is a charming person who accepts responsibility truly and responds aggressively when things go wrong. He frequently recalls his deceased wife and daughter and mourns their loss. He enjoys talking about his favorite things and sharing his thoughts and feelings about them. Some of his words and phrases sound philosophical.

Bato - Road to Death movie Sulakchhyan Bharati

Sulakchhyan Bharati’s performance is one of the most memorable in the film. Even though he portrays a basic driver, his acting and dialogue delivery provide the audience with a tremendous good sense. As we get to know his character, we feel sympathetic as he reveals his backstory, yet in the present, he exudes a wonderful aura that makes the audience fall in love with him. His hilarious phrases and reactions make the audience laugh and excited.

Rakshya Thapa plays the subsequent key character, Komal. She is a nurse and resides in Kathmandu. Her life has recently become difficult due to several issues in her relationship. As a nurse, she has compassion for everyone and feels sad when he learns about unfortunate events in society. To take a break from his hectic life, she is planning to move to Chennai after her last mission.

Bato - Road to Death movie Rakshya Thapa

Rakshya Thapa, a debutante actress, delivered a fine performance in the film Bato. She has done her utmost to bring up the character and justify it. As a frail person, she creates an empathic character with her fantastic performance. She still has to work on her dialogue delivery and acting skills, though. We wish her the best for future projects.

Utppal Jha portrays the character Manjil in the film Bato. He is an ambitious film director who has left his family to become a successful filmmaker. He is an enraged and self-centered individual who prioritizes his personal feelings over all others. He is now returning to Dharan to meet his mother, who is in the hospital. Her closeness with her mother makes the audience cry.

Bato - Road to Death movie Utppal Jha

Utppal Jha has done his utmost to elevate the character in the flick. His finest efforts still require decent acting abilities. He has some very sorrowful scenes with her mother, which may be more impactful. He has to work on his dialogue delivery. We hope he improves on his forthcoming endeavors.

Bato – Road to Death Cast: Mithila Sharma, Aashant Sharma, Pashupati Rai, Utppal Jha, Rakshya Thapa, Sulakchhyan Bharati, Bijay Anand Tamrakar, Rajen Thapa, Avash Adhikari, Ganesh Upadhayay, and Kiran Shahi

Direction & Story Telling

Madan Thapa, the film’s writer and director, has worked really hard to create a fantastic thriller film. The filmmaker has presented Nepali spectators with a one-of-a-kind film full of suspenseful narrative. The filmmaker’s efforts are praiseworthy since the picture portrays amazing personalities and their unique path. The editing of the film is also excellent, as it digs into a gripping narrative.

Bato - Road to Death movie 2024

Another highlight of the film is Saran Rishi’s cinematography. The scenes in the forest, particularly during the pursuit moments, are masterfully filmed, elevating the cinematic experience to the next level. However, the film requires some creativity in terms of developing the antagonist’s character arc and organizing climactic moments.

Movie Verdict

As we observe Bato – Road to Death at the theater, we get the impression that the director, Madan Thapa, has worked tirelessly to provide Nepalese fans with an exceptional thriller film. The film’s exhilarating cinematic zone keeps the viewer captivated from beginning to end. If you appreciate viewing thriller and suspense films, Bato – Road to Death is for you. We need to encourage such one-of-a-kind works of art so that Nepali filmmakers may continue to provide Nepali audiences with unique films.


Bato – Road to Death Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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