Bihe Pass (2023) Movie Review: True Love Is Tough

Bihe Pass is an attempt to repair and rebuild the broken love story of Dayahang Rai (Bhagya) and Prakriti Shrestha (Ranju). When you’re in love, you’ll go to any length to be with the person you love.

bihe pass movie 2023

Bihe Pass Movie Story:

Bhagya and Ranju have been in love for years and wish to marry without their parents’ permission. They both believe that what counts is that they are willing to be there in each other’s lives. They ultimately married in court and began their new life in a little apartment. Despite the fact that Bhagya was unable to place her in a lovely and clean home, she was the happiest person in the world since Ranju simply wanted to be with her real love.

bihe pass movie 2023

And, as you may be aware, every love tale contains a flaw, the most serious of which is: Bhagya has been lying to Ranju about his career since they met. This is owing to Bhagya’s lack of education and competency in any work, which is why he turned to unlawful means of survival. Despite engaged in fraudulent operations, he was kind and helpful to others in his network who were in need.

Everything becomes tough when Ranju discovers Bhagya lied to her about his employment. Any genuine relationship cannot exist in your partner’s fabricated environment, and the same applies to these two. Ranju had no need for his partner because she was capable of carrying out her obligations on her alone and could even assist her partner if necessary. She couldn’t stand in his partner’s way after realizing the truth and departed till Bhagya adopted a more sensitive job route. In their romantic connection, Ranju’s family becomes the main antagonist.

Bihe Pass Movie Cast & Performance:

Dayahang Rai plays Bhagya, a man who isn’t very determined in life and always begs for luck and fate. In the film, Dayahang does a fantastic job of transitioning from dramatic to con man. We’d want to see more character arcs and stories like the ones in Daya’s film, but they’re hard to come by in Bihe Pass. Even the best performances are ruined by the character’s sluggishness.

bihe pass dayahang rai

Prakriti Shrestha has returned to the big screen after a lengthy absence, and her performance is lovely. She has given a rationale for the character in the film. Ranju’s performance also demonstrates the power of real love, which is the film’s most compelling component. Her beauty and manner, as well as the character’s journey, keep the audience interested throughout the film.

Bishal Pahari is also a compelling character in the film. He is Ranju’s father and the director of the customs section of a government department. His portrayal in the film is outstanding; he goes above and above to protect loved ones, appreciates his profession, and even starts it.

bihe pass film

Buddhi Tamang and Rabindra Jha are well-known Nepali film actors. They have fewer scenes together in the film, but they both provide outstanding performances. More time with these stars was desired by the audience. When they appear on film, their performances make the audience laugh and grin. Excellent work.

Direction & Story Telling:

Prabesh Poudel, a filmmaker who wants to develop a comedy-drama, has worked hard to create the Bihe Pass film. As a filmmaker, he left room for development, and we believe he should focus on developing a more interesting plot and character identification in the picture. Mr. Prabesh attempted to tell a small-town narrative, however, the film’s segments should be enhanced to shine as the story progresses. To keep audiences involved in the theater, Aakash Baral and Sajan Kafle must present greater stories and inventive storytelling.

Movie Verdict:

Bihe Pass is a must-see for everyone who like humor. The finest part is that Prakriti Shrestha returns after an eight-year sabbatical and shines brightly. We admire her performance and her interpretation of the narrative – there is no going back.

Bihe Pass Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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