Bulaki (2023) Movie Review: Unheard Voice Of Woman

Surakshaya Panta’s Bulaki performance symbolizes an unseen voice from Nepal’s Karnali region. The movie depicts Jaari, an old custom in which the wife’s current husband is obligated to recompense the prior spouse for emotional/social harm.

bulaki movie review

Bulaki Movie Story:

For many years, Surakshaya Panta (Hira) and Naren Khadka (Chandra) have been married. They can’t have a kid, and Hira is causing major issues in the family. Both Chandra and his family blame Hira for his infertility, and Chandra’s mother frequently contemplates harming Hira. Every day, the situation at home bothers and annoys her.

Despite this, Chandra likes and cares for his wife, whom he married in order to be with Hira. Chandra will soon leave the village to work in a city for financial assistance and income. He expresses a deep desire to become a father and hopes that his wish would be accomplished when he returns to the city next year.

bulaki movie 2023

Hira spends most of her time with her in-laws after Chandra goes to work. Her mother-in-law is less flexible than her sister-in-law. She is entirely absorbed in domestic tasks such as cleaning, farming, and cooking. She’d go to the taps for drinking water and washing her clothing, the mill for wheat, and the forest for fuel. Despite her efforts, her mother-in-law has never appreciated her or the way she presents herself.

Hira falls in love with Ratna, her sister-in-law, the first time she meets him. Ratna works at the community health post. He is a friendly and helpful member of the community. When Hira becomes ill, Ratna is the finest person to treat her and guide her through her problems. Hira was quite appreciative. They begin to spend more time together later on.

bulaki movie surakshaya panta

Rumors and censure abound when society witnesses Hira and Ratna’s intimate bond. Hira’s mother-in-law will chastise her for being such a horrible family member if she hears all of these statements. After hearing all of this, she couldn’t bear the thought of living in that place, so she chose to elope with Ratna, whom she adored.

Bulaki Movie Cast & Performance:

Surakshaya Panta (Hira) has had a one-of-a-kind role in the Bulaki. Living in the Karnali region and introducing the local flavor is a difficult challenge. It’s also enjoyable to hear her perform a traditional folk tune. Her screen presence is excellent, as she really immerses herself in the role.

bulaki movie

Naren Khadka (Chandra) is a family man who values both his family and his career. He played Hira’s husband excellently in the film. He is enraged since his loved one eloped. His wrath and rage give him a great cinematic performance. Excellent work!

Biraz Bista (Ratna) is another remarkable person in the Bulaki. Throughout the film, his demeanor is quite flirtatious, with exceptional communication abilities. Mr. Bista has worked tirelessly to raise the stakes and bring the persona to life.

Direction & Story Telling:

Laxman Sunar, the film’s director, has relocated one of Nepal’s sessional concerns to the Karnali zone. I cry when I see these Nepalese rituals. Outstanding work in locating new and interesting stuff for Nepalese audiences. However, Raj Bahadur Sane’s concept and writing for Bulaki may benefit from more engaging interaction. Furthermore, because the Bulaki is special in its own right, the filmmaker may have gone a step farther in offering original tale issues with strong character personalities in the movie. We may expect more stunning films with fresh perspectives from the filmmaker in the future.

Movie Verdict:

Bulaki is a unique film for Nepalese audiences. The film depicts the Jaari custom’s shadow cast on a disadvantaged family guy who marries a married woman. The film’s only protagonist, Surakshaya Panta, delivers an outstanding performance. You’ll like it.

Bulaki Movie Rating:⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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