Darpan Chhaya (2001) Movie Review: Superb Love Story

The movie Darpan Chhaya recounts the story of two best friends who fall in love with the same girl. Dilip Rayamajhi, Uttam Pradhan, and Niruta Singh delivered brilliant performances throughout the film’s runtime.

darpan chhaya movie review

Darpan Chhaya Movie Story

Raj (Dilip Rayamajhi) and Abhishek (Uttam Pradhan) are two best buddies who love spending time together. Raj is of the elite class, whilst Abhishek is from a middle-class household. Abhishek lost both of his eyes in a childhood accident, leaving him blind. Despite this, Raj and Abhishek never leave each other alone; instead, they encourage each other through every stage of life. Both are now college students who are enjoying their learning experiences. In college, Raj is a laid-back and fun-loving individual, whereas Abhishek is innocent and compassionate. If someone mentions “blind” to Abhishek in front of Raj, Raj would punish them severely.

darpan chhaya nepali movie

Smriti (Niruta Singh) is a fresh student in the college. She is a lovely and pleasant student at college. On her first day of college, she collides with Abhishek on the stairs and shouts at him for walking blindly. When Raj discovers it, Smriti sees an angry depiction of him. Raj and Smriti have had a dreadful friendship since the first day of college. Later, both agree to put an end to the conflict and violence at college and begin a new chapter in their respective lives. As time passes, Raj and Abhishek fall in love with Smriti, complicating their friendship and way of life.

Darpan Chhaya Movie Cast & Performance

Dilip Rayamajhi portrays the titular character Raj in the motion picture Darpan Chhaya. Raj is portrayed in the film as a fun-loving yet pompous individual. He comes from a wealthy household and spends his father’s money to look fashionable and attractive. He does not imitate others, instead, he establishes his own originality. He dislikes anybody who crosses his path for irritating reasons. He also dislikes girls being brave and intelligent in front of him. Regardless, he values his affection and friendship with those who are most important to him. Most importantly, he adores his best friend, Abhishek, who is called Abhi. Dilip Rayamajhi had an outstanding performance in the film. His aggressive and charming personality causes the audience to fall in love with him. His heroism and support for Uttam Pradhan’s character, as well as his love and fight with Niruta Singh, are among the film’s best moments and most thrilling experiences. The background score, action sequences, and dialogue keep the audience captivated during his theatrical appearance.

darpan chhaya movie cast

Uttam Pradhan plays the character Abhishek, who is a calm and relaxed individual. He is a calm and kindhearted person who forgives everyone, even if he hasn’t done anything wrong. As a blind person, he wishes to see the world, but it appears impossible to him, which saddens him. Despite this, he always shares profound and cerebral content with his friends and family. Uttam Pradhan delivers a brilliant performance in the film Darpan Chhaya. As a blind person, he appears to be entirely immersed in the character and brings him to life in a tranquil manner. When we observe his performance, we can sympathize with his personality and lifestyle, as well as how difficult it is to live as a blind person. Overall, Uttam Pradhan’s performance in the film made the audience cry and feel emotional.

darpan chhaya nepali movie 2001

Niruta Singh performs the character Smriti. Smriti is depicted as a courageous, clever, and cheerful individual who appreciates being her best self. She dislikes it when people make her life unpleasant for no reason; if this happens, she plans terrible retribution on them. She is also someone who always supports and loves her closest companions and, most importantly, makes the atmosphere cheerful. In the movie, Niruta Singh appears as Dilip Rayamajhi and Uttam Pradhan’s love interest. Her bright and fun-loving attitude,¬†as well as her dancing and dialogue delivery, engages the audience in the performance. The heated sequences between Niruta Singh and Dilip Rayamajhi keep the audience engaged and excited. Overall, we appreciate¬†her performance in the film Darpan Chhaya.

Direction & Story Telling

Tulsi Ghimire created and directed the romantic drama film Darpan Chhaya. Mr. Ghimire has expertly brought an uncommon and invigorating romance film to Nepali viewers, making them laugh and cry. He has skillfully written each character and their screen presence. The film’s dialogue and narrative kept audiences engaged throughout its length. Most importantly, the sequences between Niruta Singh and Dilip Rayamajhi are the highlights of the film. The background score and songs featured in the film are spectacular to hear and feel in the theater. Overall, Tulsi Ghimire has offered a fantastic romance film to Nepalese moviegoers.

Movie Verdict

The romance drama Darpan Chhaya follows the triangular love tale of Dilip Rayamajhi, Uttam Pradhan, and Niruta Singh. The film is full of incredible storytelling and outstanding performances from its ensemble. If you appreciate watching romantic dramas, you ought to watch the film Darpan Chhaya. You’ll adore it.


Darpan Chhaya Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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