Dayarani (2024) Movie Review: Delightful Show

The film Dayarani recounts the story of a couple who are making efforts to have a baby. Diya Pun captures the hearts of the audience in the movie with her performance.

dayarani movie 2024

Dayarani Movie Story

Dayarani (Diya Pun) and Chitra Jung (Dayahang Rai) live in the Gurung community and have been married for over five years. As the couple ages, Dayarani wishes to have a baby and begin parenthood, while Mr. Chitra wishes to take a break from parenthood. Despite her husband’s inattention, she persists in her desire for a baby.

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Dayarani has received a lot of criticism and detests from her family and neighborhood for not having a kid. She urges her husband to take the necessary steps to have a kid, but he refuses. After a lot of effort, she threatened her husband that if he didn’t want to have children, she would commit suicide. Following the incident, both go to a hospital in Pokhara for a medical examination. When the tests were released, the doctor stated that Mr. Chitra’s sperm quality was insufficient to support a pregnancy. Following this tragedy, he encounters numerous challenges in his life and relationship.

Dayarani Movie Cast & Performance

Dayahang Rai plays the character Chitra Jung Gurung, a decent and pleasant person in society. Mr. Chitra enjoys sports, hunting, and consuming wine with meat. He spends most of his time with his close friend since while he is at home, his wife constantly talks about having a baby, which he dislikes. He constantly pushes his wife to postpone child-related activities.

dayarani movie dayahang rai

Dayahang Rai has done his best in the film to bring the role to life with drama and humor. He expresses the anguish of being infertile and helps the audience empathize with the situation. How he flees from the subject and visualizes it will make the viewers afraid. Overall, Dayahang’s performance in the movie was enjoyable. Good job!

Diya Pun enjoys portraying the film’s main character, Dayarani. Dayarani is a dependable and genuine individual who always wants the best for everyone in the community. She faces the main difficulty of not being able to produce a baby, and as a result, she receives a great deal of criticism from the community.

dayarani movie 2024 diya pun

Diya Pun has justified the role throughout the film. As a typical wife, she is curious about her family and community. The feelings and sadness she expresses in the movie will make the viewers cry. When she does not even have good backing in the film, it contributes to the audience’s sympathetic feelings. Diya Pun gave a good performance.

dayarani movie 2024 bijay baral

Bijay Baral portrays another renowned figure. He plays a flirty and intelligent character. When he appears on screen, his humorous act never fails to make the audience laugh. Whenever he emerges on screen, the audience erupts in laughter and joy. His facial expressions and speech make the crowd laugh. Biyal Baral delivered an excellent performance in the film Dayarani.

dayarani movie 2024 nayan gurung

Kashi, played by Nayan Gurung, was one of the characters who moved the audience the most. She looks adorable and stunning in her college uniform. The way she delivers her dialogue is flirty, but it draws the audience’s attention to her performance. Audiences enjoyed Nayan’s performance throughout the film Dayarani.

Direction & Story Telling

Maotse Gurung wrote and directed the movie Dayarani. The plot of the film is straightforward, but the director focuses on creating a fascinating presentation. Despite having a strong story, the filmmakers may have improved the plot and screenplay of the film. Shailendra D Karki’s visuals depict the lovely and fascinating feeling on the silver screen. The film’s background score, composed by Rohit Shakya, is renowned for its connection to the story’s flow. The filmmaker has used every character in the film so well that the viewers will like the performances of each one. Dayarani is an entertaining family drama—a good effort by Maotse Gurung.

Movie Verdict

Dayarani is a family drama film that keeps the audience involved throughout its story. The premise is simple, but the movie’s presentation is just stunning. The film’s cast, Dayahang Rai, Diya Pun, and Bijay Baral, keep the viewer engaged and delighted throughout its runtime. Grab the movie. You’ll love the film.


Dayarani Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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