December Falls (2022) Movie Review: Love Is A Bitter

The joy and heartbreak of having and losing someone dear to you are captured in December Falls. After meeting Sadiksha (Upasana Singh Thakuri), Samrat (Aryan Sigdel) falls in love, and his life is filled with ups and downs.

December Falls Movie Review

December Falls Movie Story:

Samrat (Aryan Sigdel) is a modest man who believes in simplicity and is a devout disciple of Lord Hanuman. Samrat meets Sadiksha by coincidence one day while attending a puja at a neighboring temple, and the best thing is that Samrat falls in love right away. Samrat orders his troops to discover whatever they can about that girl. His connection learns about Sadiksha after much effort.

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Sushant, a crooked doctor, pursues and brutally punishes everybody who falls in love with Sadiksha. When Samrat and Sushant cross paths, it’s a chaotic encounter full of loud banter. When the cops approach, both run in separate directions to escape getting apprehended.

Samrat returns home to discover that Sadiksha has relocated to Pokhara for professional reasons. And Mr. Romeo travels in Pokhara to find that girl and pursue his love interest further. Samrat is housed with Kiran (Salon Basnet) till he meets his true love. Samrat and Kiren both become inebriated after realizing that Sadiksha dislikes the relationship’s huge age gap. Samrat is on his way home from the pub when he is involved in a car accident. Because Sadiksha worked at that hospital as well, the accident aided him in meeting his love interest.

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Samrat is an excellent flirt, but he is also a kind human being who is always willing to help those in need. After much persuasion, Samrat convinces Sadiksha to go on a coffee date. They eventually fall in love with one another. Someone is always watching them and trying to keep track of anything involving these couples. When Samrat and Sadiksha actually embark on their loving adventure, Sadiksha’s previous tragedies begin to impact their lives.

December Falls Movie Cast & Performance:

Samrat, the son of a wealthy businessman and an ardent disciple of Lord Hanuman, is played by Aryan Sigdel. He is attractive, beautiful, and kind, but despite being in his mid-30s, he has never married, and by chance, he meets the love of his life. In the film, Aryan is shown as a flirtatious man who only wants to be with his love interest. He brilliantly expresses his uniqueness in both romantic and sad settings. Excellent work.

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In the film, Upasana Singh Thakuri plays Sadiksha, a career-driven and self-sufficient woman. She wishes to be self-sufficient and to be with someone who values the same things she does. Her parents are opposed to her marriage, but she is unconcerned since she feels that love should be natural. Upasana is shown as a typical girl who exudes confidence. On television, we just want to see a short-tempered girl with a charming grin. Outstanding work.

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Salon Basnet plays Kiran, Samrat’s cousin living in Pokhara. Salon, a humorous character in the film, values both drama and comedy in relationships. Salon contributes to Samrat’s amorous journey. Throughout the film, his tactics and executions keep the viewer interested.

Direction & Story Telling:

Pravin Jha directors the romantic action film, hoping to provide viewers with a unique perspective. The Nepalese audience will find the film distinctive and intriguing, with unexpected twists and turns. However, the creators may have enhanced their ability to generate strong conflicts through narrative and plot development. The first part of the film is focused on creating a connection between Aryan and Upasana, which detracts from the film’s true grip. The filmmakers did an excellent job of capturing December Falls.

Movie Verdict:

Every link has its own value, and when you work in medical, people look to you as a rescuer. When the people you love are unable to assist the person you love, the nasty, dreadful payback game begins. The film has fresh stuff, and if you like Aryan and Upasana, you’ll like it.

December Falls Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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