Desan Movie (2022) Review: Trust Problems

Desan is a social drama about the difficulties of a husband-wife relationship. When both husband and wife understand and encourage one another, the house sounds like heaven; otherwise, it appears to be hell.

desan movie review

Desan Movie Story:

Dhurva, played by Nishan Chauhan, is a modest man who owns and operates a little business near his home. He grows chickens and hires someone to look after his property. Dhurva meets Jyoti, played by Punam Thapa, one day and falls in love right away. He’d want to meet her and develop a relationship, but he’s not sure how. However, Dhurva and Jyoti have a mutual friend, and Ismita subsequently helps Dhurva and Jyoti reunite.

desan movie 2022

Dhurva is a kind guy, but Jyoti is a jerk. Dhurva is regularly late for their first dates, which irritates Jyoti, but Dhurva eventually persuades Jyoti. Their love relationship is thriving, and they have a strong attachment to one another. Jyoti falls pregnant, which causes her concern, but Dhurva extends his hand to marry her and begin a new life.

desan movie 2022

They had a lovely relationship after marriage, and Jyoti has a baby daughter named Simrik. Despite the fact that everything is well, all of the hens have been infected as a result of pandemic difficulties. When the relevant authorities investigated his farm, they demanded that he dismantle it. Dhurva is now in a horrible situation because all of his financial sources have been shut off. Lalit, played by Bhola Sapkota, aids him momentarily but ultimately fails. Dhurva, too, moves to another nation for employment, abandoning his family. Everything was OK until Lalit’s wife Sakila, played by Namrata Sapkota, shattered everything between Dhurva and Jyoti.

Desan Movie Cast & Performance:

In the film, Nishan Chauhan (Dhurva) plays a typical romantic man who values his family and business. Nishan is perceived as both passionate and self-centered. Despite his limited resources, he is driven to advance in his job. Throughout the film, Nishan has worked hard to keep the character alive in the theater. Nonetheless, we believe he has the capacity to exceed expectations.

dasan namrata sapkota

Punam Thapa plays Jyoti, Nishan’s wife, who is plain and short-tempered. Punam Thapa played the anticipated role in the film and did an excellent job. Her story is similar to the majority of Nepali housewives, which makes the spectator sympathetic throughout the film. Punam Thapa is likely to introduce more intriguing characters in future projects.

Bhola Sapkota’s character is the most dejected in the film. He has a good job and a good social position, yet he fails to build a house with his wife. He adores her wife, but he cannot comprehend her, which has caused him several issues in his life. Bhola Sapkota has done an excellent job in the film, playing the role as needed.

Namrata Sapkota’s role is one of the film’s most hostile and brutal. She is a self-centered individual who aspires to independence and to have her own children but is unable to conceive. And this kid eats her from the inside out. Namrata performed an excellent job. She defends her character in the film.

Direction & Story Telling:

Desan is directed by Kamal Ekchai Magar, who has worked relentlessly to produce an excellent film. The film, on the other hand, may have been improved if the plot and events had been cleanly written in a certain frame. To keep viewers interested, the directors extended dramatic sequences that may have been cut. Overall, a respectable effort and a fun flick.

Movie Verdict:

The portrayal is evocative of a narrative about a middle-class family who always wishes for a better life. When fate is not on your side, you must work extra hard to achieve your objectives. This is the film’s core idea, yet hearing other people’s perspectives spoils everything. It should be noted that the makers produced a social drama regarding Nepalese culture. A nice film to see in a theater.

Desan Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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