Dhanapati (2017) Movie Review: Dirty Politics

The movie Dhanapati depicts the consequences of political uncertainty and how the nation and its people suffer as a result. On the big screen, Khagendra Lamichhane’s stunning performance shines brightly.


Dhanapati Movie Story:

Dhanapati (Khagendra Lamichhane) lives with his father Dhananjaya (Rabi Giri) and his wife Surakshya Panta in a Terai hamlet. Dhananjaya’s trustworthy and honest work has had a tremendous impact on Nepal’s political environment. Politics is a nasty industry, and those who are loyal and ethical are despised by politicians. Dhananjaya suffers when the rival party requests him to support them financially and socially since the opposing party’s personnel are untrustworthy. As a result, he was assassinated by an unknown gang for failing to help them in their hour of need.

Following his father’s death, Dhanapati and his wife leave everything behind and travel to Kathmandu. When Dhanapati arrives in Kathmandu, he begins working in a restaurant owned by Govinda (Prakash Ghimire), Dhananjaya’s close buddy. He is well-known in the office for his sincerity and integrity. He works from his heart and encourages others to do the same. His wife helps around the house and looks after his kid, who is in pre-primary school at a government school.

dhanapati movie review

Dhanapati’s standard of life is low since his current wages are minimal. As a consequence, he continues to ride his bike to work every day. His room is still cluttered with outdated furniture and cookware, which makes him unhappy. Most importantly, he aspires to enroll his daughter in a good school system, which is out of reach due to the family’s poor financial means.

The social people do not respect him because of his lack of financial means, which irritates him. The local goons often mock him for his naivety, but he can’t do much about it. When Kamal (Aashant Sharma), a Naya Nepal political party supporter, meets Dhanapati, he encourages him to pursue politics. Dhanapati withdraws his candidacy for political office since history does not favor him.

Dhanapati nepali movie surakshya panta

He had a lot of ideas about the ramifications of politics, but given the current situation, he couldn’t take a step back. He couldn’t ignore the offer when Kamal emphasized the academic scholarships and her child’s bright future. When he joins the party, everything becomes entangled, and a dirty political game begins.

Dhanapati Movie Cast & Performance:

As a new character in the film, Khagendra Lamichhane (Dhanapati) gives a terrific performance. The crowd is dazzled and astounded by the dialogue and his appearance. As the tale progresses, the character arcs shift from a melancholy to an arrogant one. Whatever the circumstances, the director has rendered the audience stunned, and Khagendra Lamichhane has given an exceptional performance. It was amazing!

dhanapati khagendra lamichhane

Surakshya Panta portrays Dhanapati’s wife, who is generally represented in the film as a homemaker. Her performance is kind and caring. She is regarded as a typical housewife who prioritizes his man’s feelings and desires above everything else. Surakshya’s confrontations with Khagendra are among her best performances in the film. It was fantastic!

Aashant Sharma (Kamal) is in charge of everything else in the film. He knows what to provide and how to present it to make the individual work. Aashant’s powerful personality and impactful language keep the viewer interested throughout the picture. When the iron is hot, he hits it, and it works. In the film Dhanapati, Aashant Sharma delivered an emotional performance.

Direction & Story Telling:

Dipendra K Khanal, the filmmaker, has offered Nepalese viewers yet another outstanding political drama. He’s arranged each character’s experiences so well that the tale flows brilliantly on the large screen. What can we say about the script and dialogues written by Khagendra Lamichhane? They maintain the audience’s attention. The audience’s eyes flood up with tears towards the end of the film. The directors provide an outstanding plot structure and performance. Wonderful!

Movie Verdict:

Dhanapati’s film depicts the story of a common person who suffers in life after the death of his father. The political drama has fantastic storylines and character performances. It is strongly advised that you see the film. You’ll like it.

Dhanapati Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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