Dui Kadam (2023) Movie Review: Love At First Sight

Dui Kadam movie unfolds the romantic story of two strangers who meet accidentally and later fall in love. Through this movie, Eon Limbu and Simon Giri make their debut in the Nepalese movie industry.

dui kadam movie review

Dui Kadam Movie Story

Aakash (Eon Limbu) and his friend Sundar (Arjun Gurung) move out to explore the distinct parts of Nepal. Aakash (Eon Limbu) and his companion Sundar (Arjun Gurung) go out to discover the various regions of Nepal. Rihana (Simon Giri) requests a ride to the highway because the public bus isn’t supporting her travel. When Aakash notices the girl asking for a lift, he instructs his companion to off the bike and go to the hotel while he drops the girl off at her destination.

After their road trip, Aakash and Rihana become friends and begin to correspond on a daily basis. They both fall in love with one another and make promises to be together. They would visit Nepal and enjoy being together as a lovely couple. Both are experiencing the happiest days of their lives when, on their way back from the trip, Birhang and his army assault Aakash and Rihana, changing their lives and making them worse.

Dui Kadam Movie Cast & Performance

Eon Limbu is making his Nepali film debut with Dui Kadam movies. He is regarded as a romantic from a wealthy family. As a debutant, he does his best to project a positive impression. However, he has to work on his acting skills a lot. We think he will make significant improvements in his future ventures.

Simon Giri is also making his Nepali film debut with Dui Kadam movies. In the film, she is portrayed as Eon Limbu’s love interest. She chose a basic role for her debut film. She must improve her acting and dialogue delivery skills in order to improve her overall performance. We wish her the best of luck in her future projects.

dui kadam movie 2023

Arjun Gurung (Sundar) appears in the film as a humorous figure. Whenever he appears on film, he offers a comical moment that makes the crowd in the theater chuckle. In terms of screen presence, he has done fairly well. Good job!

Buddhi Tamang (Palten) plays the hotel owner in the film. He has a brief screen presence and is seen in the film supporting Eon Limbu’s hotel stay. As part of his role in the film, he arranges good work.

Sunil Thapa is portrayed in the film as an adversary who rules over the entire neighborhood. In the film, he portrays a tough and aggressive demeanor. His delivery and screen presence gives the film a unique and exhilarating atmosphere. Excellent job!

Direction & Story Telling

Dui Kadam film is a nice attempt by filmmaker Uday Subba to introduce two fresh names in the Nepalese cinema industry, Eon Limbu and Simon Giri. As the film attempts to tell the narrative of a love pair, the screenplay calls for greater tension and many sequences as part of the storytelling. Daya Ram Ghimire’s narrative and script might be improvised to keep the audience interested in the theater. The background score and soundtrack are both noteworthy pieces. The Nepalese Himalayas attract the audience’s attention.


Dui Kadam Movie Rating: ⭐⭐ / 5


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