Dui Nambari (2022) Movie Review: Protect The Wildlives

Dui Nambari is a Nepalese social comedy-drama about the adventures of two hunters in a small community. The makers wanted to provide new and creative content about preserving wildlife.

Dui Nambari Movie Cast Saugat Malla

Dui Nambari Movie Story:

Tshering and Himal, two closest friends living in a remote area of Nepal, are the subjects of Dui Nambari’s narrative. They’ve been friends since they were kids. They are licensed gun owners who use their licenses for unlawful activities like poaching and killing wild animals. When Ugyen from Bhutan visits the town, his life changes. Tshering shoots the weapon while closing one eye, and the bullet hits Ugyen’s thigh, stopping the hunt. Ugyen falls in love with Tshering and gives up hunting, while Himal continues to engage in dui nambari (illegal) work. It, therefore, causes him to be unhappy in his life.

Dui Nambari Movie Cast & Performance:

Himal, played by Saugat Malla, is a young man with conflicting ambitions in life. He had applied for the army but had been turned down owing to physical limitations. He couldn’t think of any life goals or dreams after that. His life revolves around three people: his brother, Sagar, his best friend, Tshering, and his love, Bali. Saugat Malla does an excellent job of justifying the character’s transformation from a keen hunter to a passionate lover boy. With the inclusion of Himal and Bali, we anticipate additional screen time over the film’s duration.

dui nambari movie review

Tshering, played by Dayahang Rai, makes intelligent and compassionate decisions. Tshering lives with his mother and looks after and supports her. With his companions, he also likes hunting and poaching. Tshering is one of the main characters who teaches us how to learn from our mistakes in the past. Dayahang Rai has done an outstanding job in the position of Tshering. He’s done an amazing job of transitioning from a skilled hunter and shooter to a bashful and lonely lover.

dui nambari movie cast 2022

Upasana Singh Thakuri plays Bali, a youthful and dynamic lady who aspires to be self-sufficient and operate her own beauty salon. Bali does not need to make any more sacrifices since her parents are so supportive, and her lover is so nice and considerate that she does not need to. Upasana has less screen time, but she delivers an outstanding performance. She is a strong woman who runs her house and beauty parlor while also inspiring her loved ones. She has given a strong performance throughout the film. It would be fantastic if the filmmaker incorporated a lengthier love story between Himal and Bali, as both actors performed well.

Ugyen Choden plays Ugyen, a traditional and revered Bhutanese woman. Tshering’s love interest in the film is Ugyen. Ugyen travels from Bhutan to Nepal to carry out her family’s death anniversary rituals. Tshering’s odd act makes Ugyen’s goal more difficult. The Bhutanese character in the film is crucial since the film highlights the cordial relations between the two countries. Ugyen Choden performed admirably as the Bhutanese woman and Tshering’s love interest.

Direction & Story Telling:

Applause for Dipendra Lama’s selection of novel and unique stories. The filmmaker has given Nepalese audiences an outstanding narrative in Dui Nambari. The film’s top performers and actresses have been highlighted, yet we can sense their desire for improvisation in order to develop deeper plotlines and scenes. It would be ideal if the screenplay of the film was heavily stressed in order to keep the audience engaged in the film. Dipendra Lama’s excellent advice and tales motivate us.

Movie Verdict:

Overall, Dui Nambari is worth seeing if you’re seeking for something unique and exceptional performances. The superb taste in this photograph is credited to Saugat Malla and Upasana Singh Thakuri. You’ll laugh, cry, and fall in love with these people. You’ll also appreciate their screen time as a member of the crowd.

Dui Nambari Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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