Farki Farki (2024) Movie Review: Fantastic Film

Farki Farki is a one-of-a-kind time-loop romantic comedy movie that makes the viewer laugh and fall in love throughout. Anmol KC performed his greatest performance as Maddy in the film.

farki farki movie review

Farki Farki Movie Story

In the film Farki Farki, Madhav Basnet aka Maddy (Anmol KC) is a carefree narcissist who prioritizes his personal advantage over everyone else’s. Since childhood, he has tormented his schoolmates for fun, had romantic affairs as many times as he could, escaped home due to his arrogance, and the list continues. Despite the aforementioned, his best buddy Subash (Ravi Kafle) has always served as his life support system.

farki farki movie

On Subash’s birthday, after a party, Subash and Maddy are walking back home. On the way, they sit by a temple tree, and Maddy asks his buddy to make a wish with an orange and incense on top. Subash wishes that Maddy realizes and learns from his mistakes. After that day, Maddy’s life is permanently changed.

Farki Farki Movie Cast & Performance

Anmol KC plays the protagonist character Madhav Basnet (Maddy) in the film Farki Farki. Maddy is a fully selfish individual who prioritizes his own personal benefits above everything others. He works for an insurance business that he despises. In addition, he likes going to clubs and hooking up with attractive women. He exudes flirtatiousness and a playful nature. Anmol KC’s performance in the film is one of his greatest. Following the failure of his previous film, Chaddke 2, Anmol KC returns with a bang, delivering bright and lively performances. Throughout the film, his portrayal of the character causes the viewer to laugh, fall in love, and feel empathy. We, the New Verse faculty, thoroughly loved his performance and hope to see more similar powerpack performances from Anmol KC.

farki farki movie anmol kc

Jassita Gurung plays the character Saira, Anmol KC’s love interest, in the film Farki Farki. Saira comes from an affluent household, but her parents have split, and she now lives alone in Nepal. She is a mixologist who appreciates learning more about beverages and alcohol. Her parents are pressing her to marry, therefore she is looking for the appropriate guy in his life. In the process, she finds out about Maddy and embarks on a joyous romantic journey. Jassita Gurung has done her best to live up to the role. Her screen time is mostly spent with Anmol KC, and they make a charming pair on film. She appears lovely as she represents an opulent lifestyle in the film. Through her act, she inspires women and challenges the stereotype that women should stay at home after marriage. Jassita Gurung delivers a delightful performance in the movie Farki Farki.

farki farki movie ravi kafle

Ravi Kafle stars as Subash, Anmol KC’s best buddy in the film. He is absorbed in his own world and likes his own company. He aspires to be a theater and creative art director in his future profession. He has everything under control except for his closest buddy, and his dying hope is to see his friend on the correct road. As a rookie actor, he did an excellent job in his first film Farki Farki. He expresses his performance nicely, and the dialogues are delivered flawlessly. His emotions and body language heighten his character’s potential and prominence in the film. We don’t think it’s Ravi’s debut performance.

farki farki movie Samriddhi Aryal

Samriddhi Aryal portrays Suzy, Jassita Gurung’s best friend. Suzy is a tad overprotective, but she genuinely cares about herself and her closest friend. If she is feeling apprehensive she does not hesitate to spell. She is a daring and absolutely badass powerpack character in the film. Farki Farki is Samriddhi Aryal’s debut film, and she portrays her character well. She is such a soulful and happy character in the film. Despite the fact that this is her first film, she lights up the screen.

Direction & Story Telling

Suyog Gurung did an excellent job as the writer and director of the film Farki Farki. As a filmmaker, he has made a one-of-a-kind film for Nepali moviegoers that incorporates a time loop concept into a romantic comedy. He concentrates on a straightforward tale with tremendous entertainment elements that keep spectators captivated in the movie. The film is larger-than-life, with amazing visuals. Each scene in the film, captured by Narendra Mainali, is opulent and visually appealing – an authentic gem in your eyes. The director and cinematographer work well together to create an unforgettable cinematic experience. The filmmaker also manages to cast amazing performers, with each one giving outstanding performances throughout the film. Farki Farki is a pure entertainment bundle you shouldn’t miss.

Farki Farki Movie Verdict

The Farki Farki film is an extensive entertainment and emotional package that includes romance, friendship, and comedy. Suyog Gurung has delivered a larger-than-life romance time travel film to Nepali moviegoers with plenty of interesting valuables. Narendra Mainali’s cinematography and Roman Bajracharya’s background soundtrack enhance an exceptionally enjoyable visual experience. If you’re searching for a highly enjoyable romantic comedy flick, Farki Farki is the one for you. You’ll love it. Go watch the movie.


Farki Farki Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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