Fulbari (2023) Movie Review: Family Matters The Most

Fulbari is a full-fledged family film with bonding and a terrific emotional presentation for both parents and children. Bipin and Aruna Karki are genuine diamonds that shine throughout the film. Excellent performance!

Fulbari movie review

Fulbari Movie Story:

Bipin Karki and Aruna Karki lived in a little village with their charming elderly couple. Mr. Bipin is now doing routine tasks with his wife after retiring as a rural country school administrator. Both appreciate each other, and their love remains new and exciting to each other even as they get older.

The couple had three sons, each of whom is preoccupied with his or her own world and possesses distinct potential. The eldest son is a businessman with a larger life aim, the second son wants to relocate to Australia and currently lives there, and the youngest son enjoys music and has crazy fancies. Because each individual is unique, it is difficult to bring their thoughts and lifestyles together on one ground.

fulbari movie 2023

All of the men are invited to the remote house for a major Dashain celebration, but the party is lifeless since no one is having fun. Because the father’s riches are insufficient to send his second son overseas, he demands that his oldest son give 30 lakhs to financially support his sibling. This revelation irritates Priyanka, the eldest son’s wife, and sparks a family feud.

Despite these obstacles, the elderly couple raises their children as they see fit, and after their children go, they return to their own rural life narrative. Mrs. Aruna, on the other hand, falls unwell and is sent to the hospital. Everything comes crashing down when the couple’s sons make terrible decisions while going from rural to metropolitan locations.

Fulbari Movie Cast & Performance:

Throughout the Fulbari film, Bipin Karki steals the show as a motivational and inspiring figure. He is a retired headmaster and his wife, and he is one of the film’s most essential characters, adored and admired by the whole community. Despite receiving attention from an outsider, he was unable to confront his family’s concerns and bond. Mr. Bipin has meticulously balanced every appearance in the picture. After viewing his performance in Fulbabri, fans are pleased. It was incredible!

fulbari movie bipin karki

In the film, Aruna Karki plays Bipin Karki’s wife. She is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys housekeeping and other domestic chores. She values her family, but when her children do not value her, she feels weak and dejected. Her children were unable to provide her with adequate care when she was diagnosed with heart problems. His wife, without a doubt, provides the greatest care for her. The husband-wife connection gives both characters the most screen presence and performance. A really moving and outstanding performance.

Daya Hang Rai is one of the film’s most memorable comedy characters. Mr. Rai is presented as a low-income family man with no decent income and no societal obligations. He’s doing everything he can to support his family and his sick mother. Mr. Rai is being helped by the Karki family, demonstrating the community’s togetherness. When Daya and Bipin cross paths on the screen, they laugh and cry together. It was amazing.

Direction & Story Telling:

Upendra Subba, the writer, and Ram Babu Gurung, the director, understand the emotions and feelings of the Nepalese people and society. In a limited fashion, the film depicts a little family story brilliantly. The narrative and direction of the film Fulbari complement each other. The cinematography and editing are both great – beautifully filmed and edited. Outstanding effort!

Movie Verdict:

Fulbari is a residence that covers both the entire family and the emotional spectrum. Ram Babu Gurung has done an excellent job in making a film for the Nepalese people. The plot and acting did an excellent job of capturing the film’s charm. It was incredible!

Fulbari Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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