Ganapati (2023) Movie Review: Dad Son Relationship

Ganapati depicts the miserable lifestyle of three buddies who are not supported in any element of their career by their family while living in the rural. Mukun Bhusal delivers a standout performance in the film. It was fantastic.

Ganapati movie review

Ganapati Movie Story:

Two Ghimire step-brothers reside in a tiny rural community, and they never get along. The younger brother comes from a wealthy household, whilst the elder brother leads an ordinary life. Tirtha Ghimire (Prakash Ghimire), the oldest brother, is continually appealing to the deity for a son but is unable to get one. Because the younger brother already has a son, he makes fun of his older brother for not having a son. Tirtha and his wife had a son after a lot of hard work and effort.

When Tirtha’s wife gives birth to a kid with the nose of the deity Ganesha, the entire town worships the youngster as a reincarnation of Lord Ganesha. Nobody cares about Ganapati, the infant boy when the doctor says he has a tumor in his nose. Tirtha’s younger brother is an astrologer, and he advises his brother to have another child because the oldest son will disrupt the family’s serenity. They have another son, Kumar, as suggested, and following his birth, all love and devotion are devoted to the younger son. Ganapati is neglected by his family and community, which has caused him much pain.

Ganapati Movie Cast:

Mukun Bhusal (Ganapati) plays one of the most emotionally charged figures in his filmography. This character investigates the trials and problems of life when no one is around to encourage and elevate him. Mukun performed admirably in the film, and the viewer emotionally identifies with the character throughout. Even if his family does not love him very much, his affection for them does not fade. Mukun has done an outstanding job as the film’s lead, delivering a completely emotive and empathetic portrayal. Wow!

In the film, Prakash Ghimire (Tirtha) plays Ganapati and Kumar’s father. His character is portrayed as a stern father who has little affection for his elder son. His brother, Rajaram Paudel, is an astrologer who believes Ganapati would destroy the family’s reputation and image in society. Tirtha never truly loves their elder son based on this. Mr. Prakash has played an angry father in the film. Fantastic job!

Ganapati movie mukun bhusal

Menuka Pradhan (Mamata) is a single mother and Mukun’s love interest. Mamata’s life became bizarre and unique when she lost her mother since she never received appropriate care and affection from her relatives. Mukun and Menuka have a brief love space in the film, but it is a highly fascinating and eye-catching segment. Her portrayal exemplifies how difficult life is for a single mother-woman. Menuka gave an exceptional performance in the film. She doesn’t say much, but her emotions tell the tale. It was fantastic!

Direction & Story Telling:

Sabin Adhikari, the writer/director, offers the entire emotional film to Nepalese viewers. The narrative and presentation of the film make you sympathetic and bring tears to your eyes towards the conclusion. The tale is about ordinary family concerns that occur in our society, but the individuals’ stories make the film memorable. The finest part is the incredible performances given by the entire group. The movie also represents the human actions and characteristics that we observe in our own society. The filmmakers have mastered the art of analyzing human behavior and portraying it on the big screen. Fantastic film.

Movie Verdict:

Sabin Adhikari and Ashim Kafle wrote Ganapati, a simple and unusual narrative. The movie’s narrative brings up the issue of youth and how the family’s neglect might lead to their future being bleak. The tale has been brought to life by the film’s director, Sabin Adhikari. He has presented each frame of the picture in both relevant and entertaining ways. Ganapati’s emotive and tragic narrative is conveyed in the social family drama. Audiences will be sympathetic to Mukun’s character after witnessing his performance. The fight between Mukun Bhusal and his son-father, Prakash Ghimire, brought tears to my eyes. Ganapati is a fantastic film with wonderful storytelling and acting. You’ll love it.

Ganapati Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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