Gunjan (2023) Movie Review: Beautiful Poetic Love Story

Gunjan is a romantic thriller starring Sara Sirpaili, Pritam Raj Senchury, and Kabir Khadka. The film illustrates story-telling in current times through various typical stories.

Gunjan movie pritam raj Senchury

Gunjan Movie Story:

Gunjan (Sara Sirpaili) is a shy young woman who lives with her grandmother and two younger brothers in Pokhara. She likes spending time with her family and her favorite white flowers. She owns a flower supply company with her siblings and spends her free time with them. Despite the fact that her friends are marrying and starting new families, she hasn’t given it any thought because of her family.

Gaurav sends her a bookey with a tiny love welcome poem one spectacular morning (Pritam Raj Senchury). Gunjan regards it as a ruse and dismisses it. When she receives the greeting on a regular basis, she learns to respond to it. So their love story begins.

gunjan poetry movie

Gaurav’s buddies (Madan and Saroj uncle) labor tirelessly to obtain the girl’s address and assist him in his amorous endeavors. Gunjan and Gaurav’s endearing story flourishes. They just express their feelings of love via greetings. Gunjan expresses her feelings and love for Gaurav to her family and friends, whilst Gaurav expresses his thoughts and love to his colleagues. Both are overjoyed to be linked and want to meet in person to further their love ties.

Gunjan provides them with the location of a restaurant where they may meet. Gaurav walks confidently there, only to run into her and confess his feelings. Gunjan does not appear, but Gaurav spots the girl (Manisha) for whom he is returning to Pokhara. He chases Manisha but is unable to approach her. Gaurav and his friend return to Manisha’s house to resolve their differences. Gaurav is irritated when Manisha informs him that she has not called him with greetings or other romantic concerns. Gaurav returns to the location where he was receiving answers, but Gunjan has already left.

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Gaurav intends to return home after finding that he would be unable to communicate with the love of his life. Madan drops Gaurav off at the airport, but Gunjan writes Saroj uncle a pleasant welcome note. Saroj’s uncle rushes to the airport to meet Gaurav and deliver Gunjan’s touching message. After receiving the news, they all return home and embark on a new journey to Gunjan. When Hikmadat enters Gaurav and Gunjan’s love affair, things become more complicated.

Gunjan Movie Cast & Performance:

The film’s main heroine, Sara Sirpaili (Gunjan), is a family-oriented and reclusive woman. When all of your friends are getting married and you haven’t even begun dating, it might be lonely. Sara is shown as a kind young girl who is devoted to her family. Sara’s facial expressions and voice keep the audience interested and connected to the film’s pace. Excellent work!

Gaurav (Pritam Raj Senchury) may be seen pining for his true love. He is the most adored and kind character in the picture. He is brought to life in the film via poetry and imaginative interplay. Pritam, who plays Gaurav, strikes a good balance between his screen presence and his attitude to his love. He did his very best and aspires to enhance his performance in future films.

In the film, Kabir Khadka (Hikmadat) dazzles the audience. When you copy someone else, things don’t operate correctly, as Kabir’s persona illustrates. In the film, Kabir grows from a shy to a nasty persona. His remarks keep the audience interested and excited about the picture.

Direction & Story Telling:

The film’s director, Asta Man Maharjan, is attempting to present a new and unusual aspect of the romance narrative to Nepalese audiences. The poetic story and conversation are novel ways of bringing moviegoers and celebrities together. The idea is simple, yet the entire team has worked tirelessly to create a terrific picture. Aside from a fantastic tale, characters, music, and storytelling, we believe the film’s technical scores should be improved.

Movie Verdict:

The movie follows a wonderful romance story, suspense, and appealing casting with imaginative depiction. In addition to the narrative, the film has amazing music and melodies that will make you fall in love. We strongly advise you to watch it.

Gunjan Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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