Gurkha Warrior (2024) Movie Review: Brave Soldiers

Gurkha Warrior narrates the historical account of the courageous Gorkhali soldiers who fought back against their foes with pride. Ritesh Chams makes an impressive film debut with Gurkha Warrior.

Gurkha Warrior (2024) Movie Review

Gurkha Warrior Movie Story

In the jungle of Malaya, a group of troops commanded by Birkhe Sirji (Ritesh Chams) look for their missing teammates. According to the source, their opponents grabbed and tortured their companions in an unknown location. The Gorkhali soldiers use firearms, a compass, and a telecommunicator to communicate with headquarters. With limited resources, Birkhe leads his troops in a balanced manner and demonstrates true leadership values.

Gurkha Warrior (2024)

During leisure, militaries discuss their life aims and objectives, which warms the audience’s hearts. They miss their homes, family, and food while on army duty, but they work hard for a better tomorrow. As time passes, the forces are attacked by unidentified adversaries. During the fight, they lose every available resource, complicating their trip to find and rescue their mates.

Gurkha Warrior Movie Cast & Performance

Ritesh Chams plays the character Birkhe Sirji, an army group leader, in the film. Ritesh makes his debut in the Nepali movie industry with Gurkha Warrior. As the army group’s leader, he demonstrates compassion, care, and bravery in order to defend his team and finish the objective. Ritesh did his best to bring the persona to life. As a debutant artist, his work stands out in the picture. However, his dialogue delivery and body language during the performance can be improved. Good effort.

Gurkha Warrior movie ritesh chams

Rebika Gurung (Thuli) plays the character of Ritesh’s wife in the film. Her persona expresses the agony of being apart from her loved ones. Rebika has done an excellent job in the film Gurkha Warrior. Her performance connects with the tale’s progress and makes the viewers cry. During a few scenes, audiences experience feelings of sadness as they observe her struggles and hardships of being alone. Rebika has brilliantly brought the character to life. Wonderful performance.

Gurkha Warrior (2024) Movie rebika gurung

Vijay Lama makes a brief appearance as a major in the film Gurkha Warrior, which is powerful and striking. He appears in the film and recalls the gallantry of the Gorkhali warriors. His dialogue during the movie gives the audience a trembling feeling. Amazing effort!

Direction & Story Telling

Milan Chams wrote and directed the film Gurkha Warrior. The director put his utmost efforts into creating a battle army film featuring valiant Gorkhali armies. However, viewers expect much more of a thrill and unwind battle at the theater. The movie’s writers, Milan Chams, and Giriraj Ghimire, chose one of the most attractive topics for Nepalese moviegoers; nonetheless, the film’s writing might be improved. It would be ideal if the filmmakers could have fully established the adversary characters in the film’s narrative.

Gurkha Warrior (2024) Movie casts

The cast of the film Gurkha Warrior has delivered an outstanding performance. There were a few times in the film that triggered goosebumps. The filmmakers depict a scene in which connection is only possible through letters, and the most compassionate sensation occurs when the character depicted by Rebika Gurung is unable to write, yet her feelings and expression make the viewers cry. And Ritesh Chams’ debut film performance is noteworthy, particularly because his ferocity and action moments are stunning. Deena Gurung has done an excellent job of casting appropriate outfits and designs that respect Nepalese culture and history. The film Gurkha Warrior is a good attempt by the filmmakers to present a unique army battle movie.

Movie Verdict

Gurkha Warrior is an emotional package shared by armies fighting against their foes. The film depicts how, in the face of fear and terror, soldiers become bold and fierce. You can also appreciate Ritesh Chams’ debut performance. If you value warfare or army battle movies, Gurkha Warrior might be for you.


Gurkha Warrior Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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