Hijo Aja Ka Kura (2022) Movie Review: Knotty

Hijo Aja Ka Kura is a social comedy-drama about modern Nepalese adolescent society. When political and economic problems remain unsolved, young people are forced to seek jobs overseas.

Hijo Aja Ka Kura

Hijo Aja Ka Kura Movie Story:

Advit Sharma (Divya Dev) has lived in the United States for several years after completing his higher education and has recently returned to Nepal to visit his family. His mother encourages him to marry as soon as possible because he is over 30, but Advit believes he is not ready.

Despite his parents’ wishes, he is shown images of many females; as a result, he finds Sonam (Anushka Adhikari) appealing and goes on a date with her. Both dislike each other and decide to stop their relationship as a result of their behavior on the first date. Shikha (Reecha Sharma), Advit’s undergrad crush and Sonam’s elder sister, joins them on their first date. This incident alters their lives.

hijo aja ka kura actors

Aside from the stunning scenery, the video illustrates young people’s want to work abroad, while elderly believe living abroad is a poor idea. Hijo Aja Ka Kura combines all of these complexities as well as a variety of romance stories.

Hijo Aja Ka Kura Movie Cast & Performace:

The film’s outstanding performance by Santosh Pant makes the audience laugh repeatedly. Avinash Sharma, played by Santosh Pant, is Advit’s father and Kamala Sharma’s spouse. He has hearing loss, which makes listening difficult at times, but he is a kind and caring father and husband. Mr. Avinash enjoys spending time with his friends and wishes them the best. He is an ardent supporter of his son Advit as a father. Santosh Pant did an outstanding job on the picture. His appearance and words on-screen will make you laugh and grin.

hijo aja ka kura santosh pant

Mr. Avinash Sharma’s wife and Advit’s mother is played by Rama Thapaliya. She is concerned about his son’s marriage, but he seems unconcerned. Her opponent is perplexed by her harsh and forceful decision. Rama Thapaliya did a fantastic job, and we were really swept away by her performance.

One of the main characters is played by Divya Dev (as Advit Sharma in the film Hijo Aja Ka Kura. Despite the fact that he is a shy and reluctant man, the entire film concentrates on his wedding journey. He works in the United States as a co-founder of an IT firm and travels to Nepal to spend time with his family. His family is pressuring him to marry and have children at this time, but Advit refuses, which causes him trouble at home. After meeting Shikha, his college crush and buddy, he falls in love again. Advit and Shikha’s romance is entertaining to witness since both characters have done a fantastic job of developing romantic chemistry. In overall, Divya Dev’s performance is enjoyable.

hijo aja ka kura reecha sharma

Shikha Kafle, a news anchor and advocate for women’s empowerment, is played by Reecha Sharma. She is a divorced single mother with a 7-year-old child. She enjoys her profession and inspires others to do good in the community. Shikha’s tale is intriguing and inspirational, and Reecha Sharma portrays it brilliantly. Outstanding work.

Sonam Kafle, played by Anushka Adhikari, is a vivacious and intelligent young woman with lofty goals. She just wants to relocate overseas and live a more serene life. In her relationships, Sonam is obstinate and possessive. Her character exemplifies the effect of Western civilization on Nepalese youth.

Shashank and Avantika were played by Sakar Pant and Rima Bishwokarma, respectively. Both are having difficulty adjusting to life in Australia since they have recently purchased a mortgaged property and are raising their child. They must work hard to pay off their obligations and then enjoy life. The story of Shashank and Avantika demonstrates how difficult it is to make meaningful ties overseas, particularly in wealthy nations. People have fun once a week, but the rest of their time is spent working and dealing with problems. The touching stories of Sakar and Rima make you question whether you should live in Nepal or elsewhere.

Direction & Story Telling:

The director of the film Hijo Aja Ka Kura, Sakar Pant, worked hard to reflect the current trend in Nepalese culture. Sakar finds it tough to control the artists and their screen presence in this multi-starrer film. The film’s writing and dialogue are unappealing to spectators; we believe the storyline and screenplay should be enhanced. Mr. Punt strives to create a stronger storyline and scenes in the film despite the subject’s intrigue. We hope that the director’s next attempts will be more successful.

Movie Verdict:

Hijo Aja Ka Kura’s creators wanted to use a comic novel to highlight current events and developments in Nepal. This film stars well-known Nepali actors and is a treat to see. Although the director, script, and plot may be improved, if you appreciate any of the actors/actresses, especially Santosh Pant and Reecha Sharma, you’ll enjoy the picture.

Hijo Aja Ka Kura Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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