Hookah (2023) Movie Review: An Absurd Dream

Hookah: An Absurd Dream is a ridiculous dream about male and female independence in a male-dominated society. The performances of Santosh Kumar Atreya and Pramila Khanal in the film are outstanding.

hookah movie pramila khanal

Hookah Movie Story:

Smoking a hookah is seen as a source of pride and luxury in Nepalese society, where men predominate. Hookah: An Absurd Dream tells the narrative of Pille (Santosh Kumar Atreya), an ordinary person who as a child lost his parents and family properties. Pille, along with his mother and sister, left his father and house because his father’s gambling habit was unable to provide peace and prosperity for the family. When his mother dies, Pille is left to care for his sister and his work. He is a worker who works as a builder and developer.

Despite the fact that she is married and a widow, Pille has love affections for Mina (Pramila Khanal). In the settlement, Pille made a positive impression on Mina. They have a strong relationship and care for one another. Pille is a typical person with a good heart, according to Mina. They are both eager to be married and begin a new chapter in their lives. Pille wants to construct Mina a dream home before marrying her because she is the daughter of the local leader.

hookah movie 2023

Pille has put money aside in a financing company to build the house. One day, his sister pays him a visit, her face wounded. He couldn’t stay still and had to attack his brother-in-law. His sister demands that his brother provide her with roughly five lakh rupees so that her home may be peaceful. He withdraws all of his money and gives it to his brother-in-law, masking his desire to purchase a lovely home and marry his true love.

Pille appeared exhausted and to have had all of his dreams destroyed in an instant. He arrives at work irritated and concerned. She uses the company’s building resources to achieve his goal. When his boss learns about the incident, Pille is in grave danger. Pille was imprisoned for the crime.

Hookah Movie Cast & Performance:

The main protagonist Pille, played by Santosh Kumar Atreya, carries the Hookah flick. Mr. Santosh plays one of the most hateful and furious characters in the film, and he does an outstanding job. He is pleased when his fantasies come true; he is sad when they do not. He is obsessed with being wealthy quickly but fails to follow through. The strain produced in Pille’s ego by Santosh Kumar is critical.

Mina (Pramila Khanal), the film’s greatest character, shines throughout. Pramila is shown in the film as a brave and hardworking widow and single mother. Giving up on her family or her job is not in her DNA. She has a cheerful, self-motivating disposition that encourages hard work and female independence. Her spouse appears gruff and pretentious, but she like the sound of his voice. Pramila’s performance is breathtaking in each frame. Amazing work!

hookah movie review

Another important figure in the film is Radha (Ashu Neupane). Ashu gave an excellent performance in the film. When a woman’s voice is ignored or rejected, all she can think about is finding a new way to live. Ashu has done all possible to defend her participation in the film. By the end of the film, women appear to identify with her portrayal. Fantastic work!

Radha’s second husband is played by Prakash (Tej Giri). In the shot, he appears overly flirtatious and inebriated. He has gone above and above to bring the character to life. When he’s drunk on film, he’s hilarious.

Direction & Story Telling:

The film’s director, Shambhu Thapa, worked hard to create a good film for Nepalese people. Santosh Kumar Atreya’s story and screenplay, on the other hand, call for a more complex plot and conflict. Plotlines must be developed by the creators in order to bring a unique narrative to life. Throughout the film, Krishna Bahadur Thapa’s cinematography is top-notch.

Movie Verdict:

Hookah’s cast has all delivered outstanding performances that serve to bring the film to life. However, for this one-of-a-kind component of a compelling story, the film needs a decent screenplay and director.

Hookah Movie Rating: ⭐⭐ / 5


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