Hostel (2013) Movie Review: Harmonious Debut

Anmol KC, as an actor, and Hem Raj BC, as a director, wonderfully made their Nepali cinema debut with the film Hostel. Anmol KC did an outstanding job in his debut movie. It was amazing.

hostel movie review

Hostel Movie Story

Aditya (Anmol KC), Shree (Gaurav Pahari), and Junge (Salon Basnet) begin a new chapter in their lives after finishing high school by enrolling in a medical course at Kantipur Medical College. The movie Hostel, on the other hand, concentrates on the lifestyle of students in Kantipur Medical Hostel – how students regard their lifestyle. Aditya is from an affluent family, so he has a nice lifestyle and doesn’t have to worry about anything else. However, Shree and Junge come from the middle class and have to make the most of their college experience, which is an enormous challenge for both of them.

hostel movie cast

Aditya isn’t a positive influence since he doesn’t connect with his parents effectively and does whatever he wants most of the time – breaking the hostel’s rules and standards. Shree and Junge begin to enjoy the life arranged by Adi in Adi’s life environment. All of the settings weren’t easy for Adi and his friends to celebrate every festival in and outside of the hostel. It’s due to Adi’s audacious move to threaten the hostel ward with his personal information. This is the door to freedom for Aditya and his pals, but it is also the most dangerous one in the future.

Hostel Movie Cast & Performance

Anmol KC (Aditya) had an impressive film debut in the film Hostel. Anmol’s performance in the film is noteworthy since he depicts a privileged youngster with no goals in life. Fans went berserk in the theater for his badass appearance and performance. Anmol, among the younger generation of artists, has the power to draw large crowds to cinemas if he continues developing films with strong stories and performances. Overall, we like the debuting actor’s performance and wish him the best for his future efforts. Excellent work.

Gaurav Pahari (Shree) is shown in a picture as a pleasant and hardworking young man with one ambition in life: to become a doctor in the future. Gaurav has done an excellent job of portraying a timid and good guy who appears sympathetic throughout the film. The dialogue and pictures he paints in the film have a lasting impact on the younger generations, emphasizing the importance of being a decent person and pursuing your aspirations. As with the role of Shree, he has done an incredible job and genuinely brings out the best in it. Excellent work!

hostel movie rista basnet

Salon Basnet (Junge) is a humorous character throughout the whole Hostel film. Whenever he appears in the film, he makes the audience laugh for the majority of his screen time. He is dull and uneducated, yet he considers his love story and pals to be great. He steals the audience’s heart with his lighthearted act. Fantastic work!

Prakriti Shrestha (Shristy) is another strong character who makes her film debut in Hostel. It was a lovely pleasure to appear as a good girl and the love interest of Anmol KC and Gaurav Pahari in the film. She did an outstanding job as a debut performance, and the crowd thoroughly appreciated it. Audiences even cry in the cinema at the film’s tragic scenes. Prakriti and Gaurav’s chemistry is both powerful and captivating. Awesome work!

Rista Basnet (Erica) is a love interest of Anmol KC, who comes from a wealthy family. Rista plays a laid-back figure with arrogance and a self-centered demeanor in the film. Fans at the theater went crazy for her outstanding persona. Rista has done an excellent job portraying her role throughout the film. We had a good time.

Direction & Story Telling

Hem Raj BC, the movie hostel’s writer and director, offers an exceptional youth-centric film with a colorful and crazy cinematic touch. The film is loaded with fun, romance, and drama, and it chronicles the path of each character. Hari Humagain’s captivating visuals are definitely grateful and fantastic experiences. The filmmakers have also prioritized strong music in the feature film. The music utilized in the film was discussed by the audience at the end of the film. Overall, Hostel is a much-needed young film that both empowers and entertains spectators. Fantastic film. It is highly recommended that you watch the film, Hostel.

Hostel Movie Verdict

The Hostel is a sincere film poured from the hearts of genuine filmmakers with no compromises in film execution. The movie’s acting, spectacular visuals, and soundtrack definitely provide a terrific experience to the end. It is a one-of-a-kind film that every young person should watch. Highly recommended to watch the movie.


Hostel Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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