Jaari (2023) Movie Review: Perfect New Year’s Treat

Jaari is the perfect New Year’s Eve treat for all Nepalese moviegoers. Throughout the film, the chemistry between Miruna Magar and Dayahang Rai keeps you intrigued and excited.

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Jaari Movie Story:

Jaari depicts a Limbu hamlet in which a couple’s terrible marriage is the talk of the town. Namsang (Dayahang Rai) and Hangma (Miruna Magar) are a Limbu couple who have been married for over five years. Both adore one other, but tensions emerge when Namsang anticipates a child from his wife but she is unable to give birth. As a result, Hangma is publicly humiliated and thrashed by his husband.

Hangma returned to her ancestral home because she couldn’t bear her in-laws’ tortures and humiliations any longer. Hangma’s mother begs her to let go of her rage and return to her in-laws, but she refuses since the wound is still open. Namsang’s mother, on the other hand, pushes him to move on from the husband-wife feud and start a new life, but he refuses.

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Hangma and her pals go to a village fair to find out more about the place and its people. She runs into another tall and attractive man with a wonderful image. After he abandons her on the second day of their marriage, she elopes with him and begins on another tough trip.

Namsang was enraged after learning everything about her wife from Namsang’s buddy, Mangal Singh. As a result, his family desires Jaari from Hangma’s family, and Namsang intends to murder his wife. Namsang pays a visit to Hangma’s residence to settle the Jaari, but the family is unable to pay and wants to be given more time. Namsang is unconcerned and asks that the money be paid immediately or Hangma would be sold as a slave. And things worsen for Hangma and her family.

Jaari Movie Cast & Performance:

Dayahang Rai (Namsang) is the family’s spoiled only son. He’s in his late thirties and has been married for around five years. He doesn’t have to be concerned about money because he inherited his father’s estate. His rage and violence distinguished him from the rest of his family. Dayahang performed admirably as Namsang in the film. Dayahang’s emotions range from outraged to loving husband throughout the film, and his performances are outstanding. However, as an audience, we love both despising and empathizing with the character.

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Miruna Magar (Hangma) has a key part in the film Jaari. Miruna understands Hangma’s anguish and depression as a result of her husband’s erratic behavior. Her husband does not regard her as a normal human being because she was unable to produce children. Miruna does an excellent job as this character throughout the film. Because of her husband’s rage and suffering, we may sympathize with her as the tale progresses. In addition, Hangma’s character demonstrates how love and therapy can cure any hurt.

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In the film Jaari, the main character is Bijay Baral (Mangal Singh). He excels at everything, from being a helpful and dedicated community member to being a witty friend. When Bijay appears on the screen, the audience is completely captivated by his performance because his facial emotions are so genuine. Throughout the film, the coupling of Bijay and Dayahang makes you chuckle. What an amazing performance! It was amazing.

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Direction & Story Telling:

Upendra Subba, the writer, and director, has done a fantastic job in creating such a beautiful film. A basic notion, yet an enthralling presentation and incredible images. Mr. Subba, the ship’s skipper, makes an incredible directorial debut. He was previously known for creating gorgeous films, but he is now pursuing a career in cinema, and we can see his potential. Great effort on Jaari, and we hope to see more great films from Upendra Subba in the future.

Movie Verdict:

Jaari is an extremely realistic film about the Limbu people’s lives. The characters, photography, discussion, and presentation of the film keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, making you laugh and cry. Don’t miss Jaari; it’s one of the year’s greatest pictures. This is an absolutely great flick!

Jaari Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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