Jatra (2016) Movie Review: Hilarious Picture

Jatra is a social comedy-drama movie that depicts a dispute motivated by financial values. Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, and Rabindra Jha deliver fascinating performances throughout the film. Wonderful movie.

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Jatra Movie Story

Phadindra (Bipin Karki) is a humble and honest man who runs a stationery store for a living; yet, his job does not provide him with enough money to live comfortably. He rents a house with his wife (Barsha Raut) and son, but his in-laws live a high-quality life and are constantly mocking him for his low-income lifestyle. Despite his in-laws’ negative attitudes, he never wishes anyone ill. He lives with pride because he creates lives through his hard work and commitment.

jatra movie 2016

One day, Phadindra discovers a sack containing 3 crores of money, robbed by local goons. He conceals the sack in his stationery; but, when police officers search his store, they cannot locate it. Later, Phadindra’s close friends Munna (Rabindra Jha) and Jayas (Rabindra Singh Baniya) uncover the reality about the 3 crores of stolen money. Phadindra intends to ensure everyone receives an equal portion, but one must contribute to hiding and making the money white. Their journey from hiding robbed money to making it white offers numerous life challenges.

Jatra Movie Cast & Performance

Bipin Karki plays the lead character, Phadindra Timsina. In the narrative, Phadindra is shown as an innocent and honest individual who is going through a difficult period in his life. His in-laws are wealthy, but he is considered a struggling middle-class person. He is always treated disrespectfully when he visits his in-laws for celebrations and traditions. Being embarrassed, he pledges to himself and his wife that they will work hard and earn enough money to build their own home. His difficulties and living conditions compel the audience to cry. Bipin Karki steals the show with his excellent performance in the film Jatra. He fully embodies the character and shines brightly on screen. From a middle-class perspective, Bipin’s portrayal makes the audience feel compassionate and empathic about the predicament as the story progresses. Bipin Karki’s role includes his co-stars Rabindra Jha and Rabindra Singh Baniya, who will make the audience giggle every time they come on screen. Bipin delivered a phenomenal performance in Jatra.

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Barsha Raut plays the character Sampu, Bipin Karki’s wife, in the film. Sampu is a housewife who takes care of her family and home. After a difficult situation with her husband, she stays with her in-laws, resulting in an emotional and teary scene in the entire movie. Brasha worked hard throughout the film to portray the role authentically. She did an excellent job portraying her character as a caring and active wife and mother. We enjoyed it.

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Rabindra Singh Baniya portrays the supporting character Joyas in the film Jatra. Joyas is portrayed in the film as a clever individual who can manage problems gracefully and readily. He owns a local clothes shop but doesn’t do well. As a result, he attempts to sell to a new buyer who wishes to run a similar business. He smartly tries to sell the shop but fails. Later in the film, he has many sequences that illustrate his deceptive behavior, which is entertaining to watch. Rabindra Singh Baniya’s appearance in the film Jatra is impressive. He truly understands the character and does his best to narrate the humorous one. As the climax approaches, Rabindra’s story triggers the audience to cry. Overall, Rabindra’s performance is spectacular in the theater.

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Rabindra Jha plays the role of Munna. Munna is from Terai and owns a barbershop in Kathmandu. He is both innocent and aggressive in character. He enjoys teasing around with his loved ones. He is usually arguing when he talks with his wife. He has never seen money in such large amounts, and whenever he does, he falls unconscious. Rabindra Jha has delivered a remarkable performance as a humorous character in the film. His funny dialogues and conversations keep the audience laughing all the time.

Direction & Story Telling

Pradip Bhattarai wrote and directed the movie Jatra. Mr. Bhattarai’s Jatra introduces new personalities and storylines to Nepalese moviegoers. Pradip Bhattarai has masterfully scripted each character in the film and directed it with a clear vision. The ship’s captain has prepared for fantastic performances by Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, and Rabindra Jha, which provide a thrilling enjoyable theatrical experience. As the film progresses, these characters elicit both laughter and tears in the audience. Pradip Bhattarai conveyed an innocent story, yet the enjoyable screenplay and performances bring joy to viewers.

Movie Verdict

Pradip Bhattarai has created a charming family drama full of comedy and laughter. Aside from the engaging narration, the motion picture features outstanding performances by Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, and Rabindra Jha, who constitute the backbone of the film Jatra. If you’re looking for a family entertainment package, Jatra is one of the best movies to catch in theaters. Go watch it now. You will enjoy it.


Jatra Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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