Jerry (2014) Movie Review: The Power Of Love

Following Hostel, Hem Raj BC and Anmol KC team up for another epic romance drama, Jerry movie. Every part of the film looks fantastic, with stunning cinematography, visuals, location, music, and an emotional narrative. You will enjoy the movie.

jerryy nepali movie anmol kc

Jerry Movie Story

Jerry (Anmol KC), who just finished his examination, is spending time with his pals and hooking up with attractive females in town. He organizes a vacation to Pokhara with his two buddies, Sunny and Eric, and meets his close companion Paggy (Amalya Sharma). Paggy presents all of his pals to Jerryy and his friends. Paggy’s best buddy, Akanshya (Anna Sharma), dislikes Jerryy and his pals because of their flirty and punky manner.

jerryy nepali movie

Jerryy and his pals experience the happiest days in Pokhara, but their relationship with Akanshya is strained. Paggy organizes a vacation to Mustang and invites Jerryy and his friends to come. Jerryy joins the excursion even though his health can not tolerate frigid temperatures. They all spend valuable time in Mustang. However, Akanshya’s friend argues with Jerryy due to his annoying conduct. Later, Akanshya helps Jerryy care for his wounds. Jerryy falls in love with her after witnessing her gorgeous and kindhearted conduct. However, his love story struggles because Akanshya has no feelings for Jerryy.

Jerry Movie Cast & Performance

Anmol KC has done his best to embody the persona of Jerryy, who loves to enjoy the youth spending time with friends and pretty girls. However, the character expects more in terms of verbal delivery and metamorphosis. The character he plays comes from an affluent family, and Anmol has had the most influence inappropriately casting the character. Fans of Anmol KC would like to feel the romantic value shown in the movie. And the new pairing with Anmol KC has enhanced the picture’s effectiveness. We would want to see Anmol’s more developed character in his upcoming films.

jerryy nepali movie anna sharma

Anna Sharma made her film debut in the movie Jerryy. Anna appears as Anmol’s love interest in the film. As a dedicated photographer, she wishes to capture the beauty of life in images. Anna did an excellent job of portraying a powerful character in the film. As the character needs, she brings the character to life with her calming performance. After witnessing her performance, she believes she has a bright future in the film industry. Her character’s life narrative and endearing personality will make people fall in love with her in the film. Amazing performance.

Amaliya Sharma portrays one of Jerryy’s closest pals. In the film, she shows support for Anmol and Anna. She has done her part admirably, which is fascinating to see. Her adventure with Anmol on the trip is one of the film’s highlights. Overall, Amaliya’s performance in the film is impressive.

Direction & Story Telling

Hem Raj BC, the writer/director, has offered one of the enthralling romance dramas to Nepalese moviegoers. The film exhibits the beauty of originality in the storyline and visuals. Shailendra D Karki has masterfully captured the sights of the film, showcasing the grandeur of Pokhara and Mustang pleasantly. The music and background score help to enhance visuals and complement the narration in Jerryy. Furthermore, fans will like the film’s unique romance pairing of Anna Sharma and Anmol KC. Hem Raj BC and his crew deliver an excellent romantic movie presentation.

Movie Verdict

Anmol KC returns with Jerry, another romantic film following Hostel. In the current world, Jerryy is distant from being in love; instead, he seeks a life to enjoy without being in a relationship. In this unusual romance film, Anmol and Anna are the buzz of the town, captivating the audience with their love story. Hem Raj, the writer/director, manages to provide another excellent romance film with a fresh and pleasant plot, music, and visuals to Nepalese moviegoers. Go get the movie now. You will enjoy it.


Jerry Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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