Jigree (2024) Movie Review: Engaging Comedy Picture

Jigree is a comedy-drama film that follows Tirtha and Rasham’s battle with a money problem. Abhay Baral delivers a solid performance as a funny character who makes the crowd laugh in the theater whenever he appears in the movie.

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Jigree Movie Story

Tirtha (Abhay Baral) has taken out loans from the finance company as well as from Broker Didi (Pashupati Rai). When it comes to repayment, he hides himself from the interested parties to avoid the loan repayment issue. When Broker Didi is unable to receive her loan amount, as a result, she gets her brother Resham (Akash Magar) to collect the amount from Tirtha. If he gets the money back from Tirtha, his sister will provide him with a 30% commission on it. After hearing this, Resham begins hunting for Tirtha at his workplace.

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Initially, when Resham meets Tirtha, he tries to establish a pleasant tone when things go out of hand, Resham beats Tirtha severely. He directs Mr. Tirtha, 24 hours to pay his debts or he will sell Tirtha’s kidney for settlement. Before they leave, Tirtha’s coworker asks him to drop off the guest, Jimmy (Pascal Yannick), at his house. Tirtha, Resham, and Jimmy get into the car and drive to Jimmy’s apartment. Jimmy is entirely in the hangover phase, and when he wakes up at his residence, he finds it isn’t his car. Tirtha returns to the restaurant to retrieve Jimmy’s car and briefcase.

A goon pays a visit to Jimmy’s house in search of the missing briefcase and murders him right away. Resham is hiding in the bathroom. He escapes the scene, taking the briefcase with him. Following that, Resham and Tirtha encounter a number of obstacles as a result of that one briefcase, of which neither is aware.

Jigree Movie Cast & Performance

Tirtha Prasad, played by Abhay Baral, is portrayed as a tainted and financially damaged guy. When he is under threat, he employs absurd notions to protect himself. Abhay delivered an outstanding performance as a humorous character in the film Jigree. Whenever he appears on film, his presence and dialogue delivery keep the audience engaged and delighted. Mr. Baral lives the persona and justifies it through his performance. Even though Abhay’s character is in danger, his dialogue and emotions make the audience laugh. Abhay Baral delivered a solid performance.

jigree movie 2024

Akash Magar portrays the character Resham, who works for his sister, Broker Didi. Akash is seen as a furious and fierce character. He shares screen space with Abhay Baral, and both look fantastic in the comic film. In the Jigree film, Akash does his best to elevate the role, yet he has to work on his dialogue delivery and emotional portrayal. We hope to see a strong performance in his upcoming films.

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Sushil Raj Pandey plays Raghav, a character who is portrayed as tight and angry. He does not have a conversation throughout the film, but his expressions keep the audience interested in his performance. The way he behaves, fights, and chases his opponents keeps the audience entertained in the theater. Sushil does an excellent job as an antagonist in the movie.

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Pashupati Rai has a brief appearance in the film Jigree. She plays the character of Broker Didi, who loans money to those in need but struggles to get it back. Her performance in the climax sections has the crowd laughing and excited. She plays a minor role but makes a big impact with her performance. Good job, Pashupati Rai.

Direction & Story Telling

Akash Magar directed the comedy-drama film Jigree. Mr. Akash has worked extremely hard to bring a comedy movie to Nepalese moviegoers. Abhay Baral, Akash Magar, and Sushil Raj Pandey deliver performances that keep the audience captivated in the film hall. The movie’s background score is fantastic. The filmmakers have created interesting plots in the picture, however, the arc of the story and conflicts might be improved to provide more exciting cinema. Overall, Akash Magar did a fine job with Jigree.

Movie Verdict

The Jigree film is full of comedy and outstanding performances by the principal characters. The filmmakers offer an enjoyable comedy film with a straightforward storyline. If you appreciate comedic dramas, Jigree might be for you.


Jigree Movie Rating: ⭐⭐ / 5


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