Jump (2023) Movie Review: Thrilling Experience

In the psychological thriller Jump movie, Ashish destroys everything by trying to take advantage of the supernatural abilities he gains to make right for his past. The film attempts a commendable effort to provide Nepalese film enthusiasts with a unique storyline.

jump movie review

Jump Movie Story

Ashish (Saroj Shrestha) is a dedicated player at the national level who hasn’t been able to play at his best lately. He keeps every thought inside his head and doesn’t reveal the real cause for his failures when his coach, (Sandesh Shakya), and athletic friend Sanjay (Manjil GC), question him about them. His performance is always suffering due to his overanalysis and persistent thoughts about the past, yet his coach has complete faith in him. He is urged to put in a lot of effort by his coach to qualify for the national marathon race.

jump movie 2023

In all his suffering of Ashish, his coach bets on him in an upcoming marathon race. Mr. Coach is quite corrupt and a gambler whose luck isn’t favoring much lately. As a result, to win big, he is preparing Ashish as much as he can for the race. As the player doesn’t seem fit for the next big match – he plans something strange. A magical candle is given to Ashish by Mr. Coach, fulfilling a wish. Things get complicated when he begins to create wishes in an attempt to solve his issues.

Jump Movie Cast & Performance

In the movie Jump, Saroj Shrestha (Ashish) plays the lead role. Saroj has made an effort to establish his persona as an intensely private yet dedicated sportsman. The narrative is told from Ashish’s point of view, and Saroj challenges the spectator to decide what is good and wrong in this severely corrupted society through his insightful narration. Saroj’s performance in the film offers an exciting experience as he looks scary and searching for answers to his wishes, although dialogue delivery and character optimization should yet be strengthened. Well done.

jump movie Sandesh Shakya

In the film, Sandesh Shakya plays a crooked coach who just serves his own interests. As a dishonest individual and gambler, Mr. Sandesh has performed remarkably. He plays the part as if he were actually living it. Due to the writer’s diligent efforts to develop a more compelling character persona for this character, the prose, and conversation are incredibly dramatic and exciting. Observing his behavior, avarice, and gambling may have a domino impact on an individual’s life. Viewing his wife in the scene suffering due to his gambling problem makes us feel compassion for her. In the flick, Sandesh Shakya’s performance in the Jump film is amazing.

jump movie movie cast

Binita Thapa Magar (Preeti) appears on screen less frequently throughout the entire movie. She is regarded as Saroj Shrestha’s close buddy and support system. While portraying a drug addict, Binita has tried her hardest to be true to the role. We think there are still certain scenes where her character could execute some effort to have a more powerful on-screen presence. Good effort.

Direction & Story Telling

Aasutosh Dhoj Karki, the writer/director, deserves praise for his excellent job in creating such a distinctive film for Nepalese viewers. In the micro-spectrum prospect, the maker is attempting to capture the thoughts and sentiments of a typical person living in the past, and the toughest part is letting go. The film’s exquisitely written screenplay and narrative delivery keep viewers interested in the film.

jump movie Saroj Shrestha

Nevertheless, the Jump film also needs work in the areas of plot development and a few technical areas. In addition to Saroj Shrestha and Sandesh Shakya, the other artists’ character arcs may have been strengthened by the filmmakers using more creative freedom. The film places a lot of emphasis on the psychological aspects of marathon racing, but viewers aren’t allowed to relate to the sport in any way, which may have improved the narrative. Technically speaking, there was room for further improvisation in the sound and audio mixing. After viewing Jump, viewers would generally be grateful for the distinctive portrayal of psychological thriller films. Well done on the try. We hope makers will bring more unique movies like Jump with better cinematic experiences.

Movie Verdict

A psychologically gripping tale that revolves around Ashish, who is living in the past and giving it a lot of importance in his present, surrounds Jump. The film tells the tale of how human actions may have a cascading influence on other people. You will love the screenplay and dialogue written by the writer while you watch the film. Overall, Aasutosh Dhoj Karki’s film Jump is a fantastic attempt at conveying a tale differently. If you enjoy watching psychological thriller films, you ought to watch Jump movie.


Jump Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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