Kabaddi 4 (2022) Movie Review: Entertaining Film

Kabaddi 4 The Final Match features the last Kabaddi battle between Kaji and Bamkaji, featuring Miruna Magar, Dayahang Rai, and Saugat Malla. The film depicts the love interest from a female point of view, as well as how former relationships can affect present ones.

kabaddi 4 - dayahang rai miruna magar

Kabaddi 4 Movie Story:

Kaji, who has previously had disastrous relationships, has relocated to the monk palace and is beginning again. Kaji’s mother, as a parent, encourages him to return, marry, and begin a new chapter in his life, but Kaji refuses to marry. Kaji (Dayahang Rai) has moved to a new place in the scenario Kabaddi 4 The Final Match, and his parents are concerned that their generation would not be able to succeed because Kaji gave up everything to become a monk. Regardless, Kaji’s mother and friends Chhantyal (Buddhi Tamang) and Bijay Baral (BK) make an intentional return to the community.

When Dayahang Rai returns to the community, his second love engagement begins with Shanti (Miruna Magar), a rural teacher. And, Bamkaji, who is weary of living in the country, plans to go to town, but after meeting Miss Shanti, he reconsiders.

Kabaddi 4 Movie Cast & Performance:

Dayahang Rai (Kaji), who was sad, is now giving up everything and turning to Buddhism to find consolation and serenity inside himself. Kaji’s mother is affected by this decision and begs Kaji’s buddy to return Kaji to her. Kaji is prepared to decline his friends’ offer, but they manage to entice him back home. Mr. Rai did a wonderful job in the film in transforming Kaji from a timid guy to a romantic figure. We enjoyed the scenes in which Kaji and Bamkaji compete for Ms. Shanti’s favor.

Keshari - Kabaddi 4 - Movie Song

Saugat Malla (Bamkaji) is a fascinating character in the film who believes in love at first sight and is constantly on the road for his job. Saugat plays a local community teacher, but his main goal is to connect with Ms. Shanti rather than excel at his profession. Bamkaji is an intriguing and amusing creature that occurs in love literature and art. Saugat’s behavior throughout the picture is amusing and entertaining.

kabbadi 4 saugat malla

Miruna Magar, a local community instructor, emerges as a new character in the Kabaddi film series. She is said to be Kaji’s romantic interest. Ms. Magar is the most charming, kind, and compassionate person in the entire neighborhood. She fell in love with Kaji when they first met, but he had no sentiments for her. The film’s unpaired romantic narrative is entertaining to see. Miruna works hard to make herself stand out in the scene, and we value her presence.

kabaddi 4 miruna magar

Rambabu Gurung has given Bijay Baral’s character B.K. a new spin this time. In the grand scheme of things, BK is one of the most influential and determined characters in the series. BK was one of the sad and failed persons in terms of love partnerships when every connection began to grow. Bijay’s personality seeps through, ranging from a supportive companion to a passionate introverted gentleman. As seen in the film, the viewer may connect with his grief and loss.

Direction & Story Telling:

The Kabaddi series’ creator, Rambabu Gurung, breathes new life into the theater. Despite the simple plot, the filmmaker makes excellent use of the characters as he rolls the camera and tells the story. Mr. Gurung successfully balances all components of the Kabaddi series, and Kabaddi 4 flows the tale of its characters more seamlessly than previous volumes. Outstanding work!

Movie Verdict:

Kabaddi 4 is the year’s most delightful film, making you laugh and cry passionately. Kaji’s new chapter in life is full of love and pleasure. The entire production team did an excellent job of generating an enjoyable picture.

Kabaddi 4 Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ / 5


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