Kabaddi Kabaddi (2015) Movie Review: Love War

Kabaddi Kabaddi is a sequel to the popular film Kabaddi, which was directed by Ram Babu Gurung and co-written by Ram Babu Gurung and Upendra Subba. Mustang is the setting for the amorous romance once more. The Kabaddi Kabaddi picture depicts Kaji’s love affair with Maiya once again. The film has stepped into the shoes of its predecessor and is proving to be a success. The cinema has not lost its fun aspect and keeps us entertained throughout. The movie is well-developed and highly intriguing, as it never takes our attention away from it.

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The story begins while Kaji is still in grief over his and Maiya’s failed love tale. Kaji is shown pondering his fate, yet he never gives up on his love, Maiya. Kaji has been saddled with greater responsibility as the electoral wave sweeps across the town. He must now balance his official and personal lives. Life was already difficult for Kaji, but when Bam Kaji arrived in the community, things only grew worse. Kaji is mocked for having to choose between his Mama and his Uncle for the election, which further adds to his stress.

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Ambir Gauchan, Kaji’s maternal uncle, intends to use Maiya as leverage, trapping him. Kaji wishes to marry Maiya, but BamKaji, who also wishes to marry Maiya, enters the picture. As BamKaji’s parents seek Maiya for her hand in marriage, BamKaji and Maiya appear to click right away. Their chemistry seemed to be too wonderful to be true. However, Kaji and BamKaji are two sides of the same coin; one is diametrically opposed to the other. The tension between the two characters grows stronger whenever they meet. While all of this is going on, everyone is preoccupied with their own lives.

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Kaji must work twice as hard to achieve his goals. As the election approaches, the chemistry between Bam Kaji and Maiya grows stronger, leaving Kaji stuck once more. Kaji is back on the trail of Maiya, who eloped with BamKaji to the city. Will he be successful, or will he fail to woo the love of his life once more? The winner of the over two-hour-long entertaining film is revealed.

The Kabaddi Kabaddi cast was superbly picked, and those chosen for their roles performed admirably as well. The cast’s chemistry and synchronization add a star to the film’s crown. Every member of the cast delivered an outstanding performance, leaving no space for criticism. Dayahang Rai as Kaji, Rishma Gurung as Maiya, Buddhi Tamang as Chyannte, and Bijay Baral as BK all performed admirably. Aside from the original cast, newcomers such as Saugat Malla and Bamkaji played brilliantly. Along with the main actors, Priyanka Karki and Nischal Basnet had significant appearances.

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Director Ram Babu Gurung once again demonstrated his worth via art direction. Upendra Subba and Ram Babu Gurung wrote the Kabaddi Kabaddi plot articulately and wonderfully. Along with the Director and Writer, Cinematographer Shailendra D. Karki has done a fantastic job of bringing the writer’s vision to life. He panned the camera with precision and finished a jigsaw puzzle that is now a work of art. The movie’s sound is genuine in nature. The songs in the film are a lot of fun to sing along to. Except for the talks, the continual stillness in the background is definitely a piece of beauty.

The Kabaddi Kabaddi film is a terrific way to spend some time having fun and being entertained. The picture is absolutely worth seeing and is proving to be a worthy sequel to the previous installment.

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