Kagazpatra (2019) Movie Review: Love Triumphs Over Time | Shilpa Maskey | Najir Husen | Bholaraj Sapkota | Sarita Giri

Kagazpatra is a comedy-drama film that recounts the life of the people who live in Dang. Contemporary culture and materialistic ideals have altered a husband and wife’s interpersonal and private interactions.

kagazpatra movie 2019

Kagazpatra Movie Story:

Bunu, played by Shilpa Maskey, has recently completed her Nursing degree and wants to go to a developed country for further studies and a profession. She has loftier goals and ambitions, but no one is ready to help her because her family is financially pinched. Devi (Sarita Giri), Bunu’s oldest sister, aspires for her husband to go to a developed nation, such as the United States or Australia, and establish a solid profession for the family’s future. Due to the difficulty of moving to a developed country, Bunu will only assist Devi in obtaining a dependent visa if Devi financially supports her sister. As a result, Bunu and Devi are determined to get each other’s back, which will benefit both of them.

kagazpatra shilpa najir

Devi’s husband, Rajkumar (Bholaraj Sapkota), cannot believe his ears when he learns of the two sisters’ schemes and manipulations. Rajkumar, who has always been kind and humble, would never consider playing illegally. Despite his reservations, Devi persuaded her husband to fabricate documents and seek a job in another country. When Rajkumar accepts her wife’s proposal, things take an unexpected turn.

Kagazpatra Movie Cast:

Shilpa Maskey plays Bunu, a compassionate, clever, and intellectual character. She is one of society’s most beautiful ladies, yet despite her outer beauty, she has always prioritized her career. She has completed the Nursing program and wishes to go to Australia for further education and permanent residency. Shilpa, the film’s primary heroine, performs admirably. On the big screen, spectators may connect with her inner feelings and loneliness since, as you know, females are pushed to marry rather than pursue work opportunities. Shilpa Maskey argues for her performance.

kagazpatra shilpa maskey

In the movie, Kagazpatra, Najir Husen might be compared to Keshav, a nice and helpful member of society. He is madly in love with Bunu, but despite the fact that they both know, he never expresses his feelings to her. We feel sorry for Keshav since he is lonely in society and the person he loves desires to live elsewhere. Despite his mixed emotions and difficult circumstances, Keshav never abandons Bunu in his suffering. We, the viewer, may experience the actual emotion and force of one-sided love through these episodes. In the film, Najir Husan gives an excellent performance. Throughout the film, his observations and screen presence keep the audience interested.

Rajkumar, played by Bholaraj Sapkota, is the father of two children and the spouse of a vibrant young woman. Because he has struggled financially his entire life, he cannot be a beautiful price to his family, as his name indicates. His job does not inspire him, and he is unable to seek other employment. With all of these obstacles in place, Devi pushes Rajkumar to travel overseas in search of better possibilities. Because of the problems that low-income Nepalese people undergo, Bholaraj’s performance makes you cry and feel sorry. Bholarak Sapkota has performed admirably in the flick.

kagazpatra movie 2019

Devi, Rajkumar’s wife and Bunu’s elder sister, is played by Sarita Giri. She is an enthusiastic opportunity seeker who believes in planning ahead. She even divorces her husband for the sake of her family’s future. She is the hardest character to play in the film. And we must applaud Sarita on an outstanding performance. Her transformation from an ordinary housewife to a supporting person is astonishing.

Direction & Story Telling:

The writer and director, Apil Bista, has done a wonderful job of conveying a basic romance narrative that anybody can comprehend. The narrative of the film is superbly written and performed. Even in a tiny environment, the film’s cinematography is wonderfully presented; I appreciated it. Despite these efforts, the film’s story scenes and narration are slightly gushing. Overall, Apil Bista has created one of the most gorgeous films for Nepalese audiences.

Movie Verdict:

Kagazpatra’s directors have crafted a delightful romantic picture for their viewers. The story was wonderfully written by the writer/director, the actors/actresses gave their finest performances, and the music and cinematography are the film’s highlights. You’ll enjoy the film. We recommend seeing the movie Kagazpatra.

Kagazpatra Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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