Lakhey (2022) Movie Review: A Wise Leader’s Story

Lakhey is a criminal suspense thriller film about the spiteful narrative of a bank manager. Following the unlawful activity of the bank’s administration, Sameer Maharjan is imprisoned for years and, after two years, seeks vengeance on the management committee.

lakhey movie review

Lakhey Movie Story:

Sameer Maharjan is a reliable and knowledgeable Dipshikha Development Bank bank manager. Apart from that, he is a devoted husband and father to his wife Seema, and daughter Simran. The bank’s executive committee’s involvement in illicit operations has impacted both his personal and professional life. His family is split up after he is sentenced to two years in prison and fined twenty lakhs, and his image and reputation are devastated.

lakhey movie story

Mr. Sameer encounters professional criminals in jail who are forced to use unlawful routes owing to adversity. He meets Rockey (Aaryan Adhikari), who rules over all the imprisoned persons (criminals), and later Thamel don Metal (Anoop Bikram Shahi). Sameer rapidly develops connections with Rockey and Metal, and once their prison sentences are over, they plan to steal a bank to ensure their brighter futures. They successfully robbed the bank, but everything in their lives has changed since then.

Lakhey Movie Cast & Performance:

Mr. Sameer Maharjan, as performed by Saugat Malla, is a clever and astute development bank manager who has worked relentlessly to elevate the bank’s standing among competitors. He, on the other hand, is a devoted husband and father. However, as a result of the bank’s dishonesty, he was imprisoned for two years, and the management refused to accept responsibility for him, so he was wounded and plotted revenge on the management. Sauhat Malla’s portrayal of the character keeps the character continuing. As squad commander, he acts calmly and wisely, without fear or hesitancy that may jeopardize their objectives. Saugat Malla gives an outstanding performance as a wise leader in the film Lakhey.

Seema, Sameer’s wife, and Simran’s mother, is played by Barsha Raut. She portrays a kind homemaker who looks after her family. After her husband gets involved in dubious activities, she forges a fresh route for her daughter’s bright future. She couldn’t believe her spouse was behaving so heinous. With all of this going on, she feels compelled to divorce her partner in order to live a more tranquil life. Barsha performed an outstanding job in the film, really embodying her part. In the Lakhey film, she plays more tragic roles, and her performance brings the character to life and makes it excruciating.

lakhay movie 2022

Arpan Thapa portrays CBI officer Manoj Bhandari, another important character in the film. When the police force is unable to manage the situation, a CBI investigator takes over the inquiry. Mr. Thapa’s performance also keeps the audience wondering what will happen next. By placing himself in the character’s shoes, he thoroughly justices the character. Outstanding work.

Metal, the cruel Thamel’s don, is played by Anoop Bikram Shahi. He has engaged in illegal behavior on a daily basis in an attempt to ruin his name. He supplies firearms and strong guys for illicit activities as needed. Mr. Anoop is shown in the artwork as a ferocious and enraged guy. We feel he did the finest job portraying his character in the film.

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Aaryan Adhikari portrays Rockey, an energetic and brash character. He rules over the goons in the bar from within the prison. He was arrested for illegal behavior, but he wants to do something that will live on in his mind for the rest of his life. Aaryan gives his best to the film in order to earn the part. He gave it his all, from being an angry man to commanding the gunships.

Direction & Story Telling:

Samrat Basnet, the film’s director, has done all necessary to make Lakhey a simple, dramatic, and captivating picture. The majority of the time, his effort is visible. Creating interesting individuals and tying their storylines together is what keeps moviegoers interested. And Mr. Basnet has done a fantastic job of creating an entertaining film. All of the characters have performed admirably. Sushan Prajapati’s cinematography is one of the film’s highlights. Mr. Prajapati’s video was well shot, and the photos of Mustang are gorgeous. It was amazing.

Movie Verdict:

To produce a beautiful image, the entire Lakhey team poured their hearts and souls into the project. With a basic tale about the robbery and its repercussions, the characters in the film will keep the viewer interested and entertained. Lakhey is an appealing picture. We recommend that you view the film.

Lakhey Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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