Loot 2 (2017) Movie Review: Prison Break to Bank Robbery

The film Loot 2 is a sequel to the well-known criminal thriller Loot. Nischal Basnet wrote and directed the film. The film picks up where it left off, depicting the protagonists’ lives following the bank heist. The film is produced by Narendra Maharjan and Madhav Wagale, while Purushottam Pradhan is in charge of the cinematography. The movie is as entertaining as its predecessor and may perhaps be regarded as a watershed moment in the Nepalese entertainment industry.

loot 2 movie review

The story opens with Haaku Kale reclaiming his well-established territory and demonstrating his involvement in other illicit operations. He is preparing for yet another bank robbery and is looking for accomplices. This film depicts his effort to balance his professional, personal, and adversarial lives.

Following the 2015 earthquake, numerous convicts appear to have escaped from prison. The Loot 2 concentrates on four specific offenders, namely Gopal (played by Dayahang Rai), Naresh (played by Karma Shakya), Pandey (played by Sushil Raj Pandey), and Khatri (played by Prateek Raj Neupane), who were apprehended during the theft in the earlier portion of the film. They are anxious to track down Haaku Kale and exact their vengeance. They are always looking for Haaku Kale after being out, but they only catch him a few times. They are unable to exact total vengeance in those few instances and are left waiting for the next opportunity.

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The film highlights the four escapees’ ongoing battle for vengeance, as well as Haaku Kale’s constant effort to pull off yet another successful bank robbery. The plot revolves continually around Haaku Kale and The Four Escapees.

The casting for the film Loot 2 is once again fantastic. The previous cast of Dayahang Rai, Karma Shakya, Sushil Raj Pandey, Prateek Raj Neupane, and Saugat Malla performed a fantastic job of portraying their characters’ emotions and delivering the phrases with near precision.

loot 2 karma

Pittal (Bipin Karki), Maney (Prabhin Khatiwada), Putali (Srijana Subba), and Baam (Kameshwor Chaurasiya) from the old cast who got more screen time in this movie did an excellent job, and definitely proved themselves deserving of more screen time due to their excellent acting and beautiful onscreen chemistry with other characters. Along with the main actors, the supporting cast of Aisha (Reecha Sharma), Sundari (Alisha Rai), Parwati (Sarita Shah), and Ghusghuse (Sushil Uprety) performed an outstanding job. The performers worked really hard and deserve all of the praise they are receiving.

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Nischal Basnet, the Loot 2 director, performed an excellent job and once again established his value. He developed a fantastic screenplay to tie the previous portion together. The screenplay is beautifully written, and the characters are well developed, with adequate screen time given to deserving individuals. Purusottam Pradhan, the cinematographer, worked closely with the director to give meaning to the writer’s and director’s vision. The images were beautifully employed to convey the characters’ actual sentiments. Because of the right usage of camera angles and views, the situations made the most sense.

loot 2 saugat malla

The Loot 2 movie’s sound is also fantastic, with some catchy songs to groove to, and the silence when there are no conversations helped us focus more on the characters’ manner of interacting without speech but with feelings.

The Loot 2 is deserving of all the praise it is receiving and is a joy to see. The film did not disappoint us in the least, and it will surely not disappoint those who enjoyed the previous installment. Every aspect of creating this film was done to perfection, whether it was bringing continuity to the prior tale, creating a well-suited tune, or setting it up in a wonderful place to make it feel more authentic. We would strongly advise you or anyone to watch Loot.

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