Loot (2012) Movie Review: Outstanding Tale

Nischal Basnet’s directorial debut, Nepali movie Loot is based on crime and thriller. It is one of the most flawlessly directed movies in the Nepali film industry, with such a suitable narrative, and visual pleasure to the audience’s eyes. We can’t take our eyes off the screen since the film never fails to entertain us. As the film illustrates the challenges of a person surviving in Kathmandu, some of us may be able to connect to it pretty well.

loot movie review

The Loot movie was a feast to see because of its humorous language, appealing tunes, and intense plot line, with great performances. The film is particularly unusual in that it exposes the reality of a dissatisfied individual aiming to make money but having difficulty finding that route to success.

The film begins with a song about money and progresses to a bank heist. We may use our imaginations to shape how the film progresses. The film begins with a young man who is anxious to escape poverty and prepares to rob a bank. This is where we meet Haku Kale (played by Saugat Malla). He subsequently entraps four more males who are likewise in need of money. Deven Raj Khatri aka Khatri, a minor guns and drug dealer, is the first recruit. Prateek Raj Neupane plays Khatri, and he does an excellent job. The second recruit is Naresh alias Nare (Karma Shakya), a degenerate gambler who works as a bouncer on the side.

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Gopal or Gopley (played by Dayahang Rai) and Pandey are the third and fourth recruits (played by Sushil Raj Pandey). Both are long-term unemployed friends in desperate need of money, while Pandey also needs to save his relationship with Ayesha (played by Reecha Sharma). They are all trying to gain money in some manner since they are all deeply in debt, and the only way out is Haaku Kaale’s bank robbery plot. The film then moves on to the preparations and planning for the heist.
The performers in the Loot were expertly cast. They’ve executed their roles flawlessly, and with amusing dialogues and appealing melodies, it appears to be a visual delight.

The director’s work is noteworthy. Nischal Basnet has given us a masterpiece that will be recognized as one of the most significant films in the Nepali film industry since this film has sparked a revolution in the Nepali entertainment business. Nischal Basnet’s directorial debut has provided us with a unique perspective. He has exposed us to new ideas and methods of presenting stories. Director Nischal Basnet accurately portrays the characters’ frustrations.

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As Director Nischal Basnet for Loot, let us not overlook cinematographer Purusottam Pradhan for his significant but invisible contribution. This film’s photography reflects the truth of Kathmandu, which we believe was the intention of Director Nischal Basnet. This film’s noises and costumes are as near to the truth as it gets. At some points throughout the film, it feels like you’re seeing a real-life story. The editing was done nicely.

Change isn’t always a good thing, but this time it was more than that. Loot reformed the most required in the Nepali entertainment industry. It’s a joy to see since the cast and direction team never allowed the film to go too far from reality and always kept us interested. We feel the Loot is well worth every money and deserves all of the praise and acclaim it is receiving.

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