Nai Nabhannu La (2010) Movie Review: Tragic Love Story

Bikash Raj Acharya’s film Nai Nabhannu La is an unforgettable love story for Nepalese spectators. Jiwan Luitel delivered an excellent performance throughout the entire movie’s runtime.

Nai Nabhannu La Movie 2010

Nai Nabhannu La Movie Story

Shishir (Jiwan Luitel) and Ritu (Richa Singh Thakuri) attend the same college. Shishir is Ritu’s senior at college. When they have free time, they spend it together. Shishir is a lovely guy who is deeply in love with Ritu. He will do everything in favor of Ritu, just to see her happy and cheerful. Despite Shishir’s best attempts, Ritu was unable to embrace his love since she had promised her love Basanta (Suman Singh) that they would marry and stay together. Suman is also a great person who cares deeply about Ritu.

One day, the college announces a theater show and invites interested students to submit their names. Shishir refuses his buddies the opportunity to participate in the show, but when he discovers Ritu is participating, he joins without hesitation. After the drama practice, they talk about their college, studies, and daily lives; furthermore, Shishir always wants to have romantic chats. He would always propose to her in a lyrical style, using beautiful phrases. Despite all of Shishir’s purity and devotion, she refuses to accept.

Shishir would come up with thousands of reasons to spend time with Ritu. He would beat up the goons, perform magical acts, and go on extravagant excursions simply to make Ritu happy. With these efforts, Ritu gradually falls in love with Shishir. When Ritu discovers she has cancer, she buries her feelings for Shishir, which complicates her living further.

Nai Nabhannu La Movie Cast & Performance

Jiwan Luitel plays the romantic character Shishir, who is constantly in an amorous mood. Jiwan Luitel’s portrayal of an affectionate particularly a one-sided lover, is outstanding throughout the film. His amorous conversation and contributions make the film more engaging and lovable. Fans, particularly female fans, went berserk in the theater while watching his performance. The ending causes the audience to cry and melancholy. Jiwan’s character exemplifies how true love can offer happiness and hope to a person. Very impressive performance!

Nai Nabhannu La Movie casts

Richa Singh Thakuri plays Ritu, the female lead character in the film Nai Nabhannu La. She is one of the most attractive characters in the film. Richa presents a lovely character who is more concerned with her career than with any distractions. The amorous moment between Richa Singh and Jiwan Luitel is one of the film’s highlights. Richa’s portrayal captures the delightful romantic mood with Jiwan Luitel, as well as the anguish and despair of her personal predicament. Her performances move the crowd to tears. Richa Singh Thakuri has done her best to justify her role in the picture.

Suman Singh plays the supporting character Basanta. He is seen presenting as a cheerful and nice person. Suman does an excellent job rationalizing the character in a movie. His character demonstrates that money is meaningless when it comes to rescuing your life partner; he would do anything to see them alive and happy. Suman’s lighthearted quips and generous demeanor make him more fascinating and appealing. Good performance!

Direction & Story Telling

Bikash Raj Acharya, the writer/director of the film Nai Nabhannu La, has done an excellent job presenting one of the best romance films to Nepalese moviegoers. The filmmaker has masterfully presented a fascinating and interesting film. The writers of the film, Bikash Raj Acharya, Pradip Dahal, and Arundev Joshi, have skillfully written every narrative and sequence in the screenplay, and justification can be seen in the cast’s performance. The multi-layered narrative brings tears to the audience’s eyes. The movie Nai Nabhannu La features great music and songs composed by Mahesh Khadka, which are a pleasure for the ears. Wonderful romantic flick of the year.

Movie Verdict

The movie Nai Nabhannu La is one of the best romantic films of the year, with an excellent script, performance, and music. The romantic chemistry between Richa Singh and Jiwan Luitel will keep you interested and intrigued throughout the entire movie. Nai Nabhannu La is a must-see for fans of love dramas. You’ll adore it.


Nai Nabhannu La Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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