Neerphool (2023) Movie Review: Life Is Unpredictable

Neerphool is the heartbreaking story of a modest Tamang family with lofty dreams and ambitions who are destroyed by their circumstances. Dayahang Rai is considered as a kind dad and spouse who values his family above everything else.

neerphool movie 2023

Neerphool Movie Story:

Chemjarong (Dayahang Rai) and his wife Shurlhoma (Shanti Waiba) live in Dhading, Nepal, with their daughter Pingchawati (Jigme Chhyoki Ghising). Chemjarong is satisfied with his situation. He has a small circle of friends, a wonderful wife, and a gorgeous daughter. He works in animal husbandry, especially sheep farming, and intends to create a small business with his wife using the proceeds from sheep sales.

His wife, Shurlhoma, has certain goals in life. She wants her husband to go overseas for better pay so that they may educate their children and live the life they desire. Chemjarong isn’t delighted with his wife’s proposal, but her emotional motive compelled him to go abroad.

neerphool movie 2023

After a few weeks, Nepal is devastated by a massive earthquake that murders many innocent people, and Shurlhoma is in a difficult situation since her house was destroyed and her daughter is imprisoned within. After learning about all of these occurrences, she went mad, but Nepalese officials brought her daughter to Kathmandu for medical care and help. She was unable to engage with her daughter even after many weeks. She couldn’t maintain her cool any longer, so she set off on a new mission to find her daughter. Her life path becomes darker and more difficult to remember.

Neerphool Movie Cast:

Dayahang Rai (Chemjarong) is shown in the image as a cheerful and kind man. Daya is from a Tamang family and culture, as seen in the image. The majority of his talks in the community are in Tamang. The character looks to be new in terms of previous work. Chemjarong, the main character, continuously prioritizes his family, which makes us love him even more. Daya has moved away from the usual romantic comedy and toward societal problems. And, as part of his work, Mr. Rai has done an excellent job of keeping his character alive on the cinema screens.

Shanti Waiba (Shurlhoma) is another significant character in the film who drives the story forward. The narrative of the film centers around this man. Shanti has done her best to bring the characters to life, but there is always room for improvement. We sympathize with her daughter since she has lost everything because of a single event in her life. Some of the scenes give us goosebumps as we follow her on her trip. Excellent work!

neerphool movie dayahang rai

Dayahang and Shanti’s daughter is Jigme Chhyoki Ghising (Pingchawati). In the film, she portrays the titular heroine, who is gentle and caring. Throughout the film, she doesn’t say much, but her persona and body language do. She did her best as a young artist to bring the figures to life.

Buddhi Tamang is another significant character in the film. Buddhi’s participation in the film may have elevated it, but the directors were unable to maximize Buddhi’s character persona in the film. It is comparable to a generic photographer. Despite the fact that Buddhi has given his best throughout the film, there is a sense that something is missing as the character matures.

Direction & Story Telling:

Phulman Bal, the writer/director of the film Neerphool, focuses on exploring the personalities of Dhading district who were troubled following the earthquake in Nepal. Mr. Bal aims to present Nepalese fans with creative cinema but falls short due to insufficient character arcs and story sequences. As the film proceeds, viewers are unable to relate with the characters’ journey due to poor writing and language. In the future, we hope that Mr. Bal will develop excellent films with good writing and direction.

Movie Verdict:

Neerphool is a film from the directors’ hearts, however it lacks entertainment value. The film examines how individuals in a community suffer following natural disasters. This might be for you if you like social dramas or films starring Dayahang Rai and Buddhi Tamang.

Neerphool Movie Rating: ⭐⭐ / 5


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